1. What is this Rakhi promotion?
Tajonline is running an exclusive Rakhi promotion where the customers have a chance to get assured free personalized gift on every order placed between 07th July 2011 25th July 2011 which can be sent to their recipient residing in India.
2. Who is eligible for Rakhi promotion offer?
The Rakhi promotion is valid for customers who have placed any orders between 07th July 2011 25th July 2011 using the Rakhi promotional code. Anybody who places order:.
a) under Rs 500 would receive personalized bag tag free
b)Between Rs 501 1000, then they would receive one personalized mug free
c)Above Rs 1001, then they would receive one personalized t-shirt free (large size)
3. Is there any minimum value to get this free personalized gift?
No, there is no minimum value. However customers need to use the promotional code to qualify for this promotion.
4. Will I get two personalized gift if I place two orders worth Rs 1000?
Yes, if customers places two different orders worth Rs 1000 each (different order id), then they would be eligible to use the promotion codes twice and thus get a chance to send two personalized mug free to India.
5.When will the promotion expire?
The promotion expires on 25 th July 2011. Promotional code cannot be used once expired.
6. Do I have a choice of selecting the recipient to whom I need to send free personalized gift?
No, it would be sent to the recipient (residing in India) for whom you have placed order.
7. Who would receive the free personalized gift?
Anyone residing in India can get the free personalized gift. If our logistic partners do not deliver to the specified location, we will make best efforts to resend it via speed post. However it would delay the process.
8. When would the recipient receive the free personalized gift and would it go along with the product?
We would ship the free personalized gift between 01st Aug 2011 to 05th Aug 2011. The free personalized gift would go separately and not along with the ordered product.
9. What if the recipient does not receive the free personalized gift after redeeming in the link?
Customers can contact our customer service at 022-40301130 or email us www.tajonline.com/support/. Our customer service representatives respond to most requests within one working day.