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Dear Daphne Thanks a lot for a great job 🙏🏾👍🏾✅ Recipient is v v happy to receive a great testing cake and fresh flowers, that too on exact date . Thanks TOL ! Keep it up ! 🌹👍🏾👌🏾😘✨✨

- Rajni Kane  (12-Mar 2020)

Ordered many gifts for my family during Diwali. Glad to see that all the gifts were delivered on time without any hassle.

- Shilpa Raghav  (25-Nov 2019)

I have been using Tajonline for three years. Previously I used to use similar websites for gifting but was disappointed every time. Thankfully Tajonline has been perfect for me. I hope it stays that way. Regards.

- Sushil Luthra  (25-Nov 2019)

Like last year this year too I ordered diwali gifts to my two sisters in India . I just talked to them and both were very happy with quality and timeliness.I wanted to thank you, Daphne.

- Malu Makhijani  (04-Nov 2019)

I have used this company EVERY YEAR since inception in 1999 NOT ONCE have you guys botched up my order or failed to deliver or haven't been punctual TIME AFTER TIME I have received just superb service. NEVER LATE. Fantastic quality My deepest appreciation for your logistics department and shipping department I am from Delhi I KNOW how hard it is to get from Point A to Point B. Fantastic job you guys Greatly impressed You have the best biz model of any online retailer in India. I have tried Parisera for sarees and a few others, they are all a big zero.

- Nimmy Shekar  (24-Oct 2019)

Wanted to let you know that the lily flower bouquet was good. The flowers were fresh and was delivered on time. Thank you.

- Tony  (20-Jul 2019)

It was my first experience of sending gifts to India from Tajonline. Rose bouquet was up to the mark. Thanks, will definitely recommend your website to my friends here in the USA.

- Vivek  (18-Dec 2018)

The cake I ordered was delivered on time and got great discount too. Lovely website!

- Santhi  (04-Nov 2018)

Abigail thank you to Ravindran Patil and Taj online Team for sending my order of 50 roses and fruit basket to my parents in Mumbai even though my credit card payment somehow got declined and we did payment again but were not sure if gift will reach on the Anniversary but kudos to Ravindran Patilís And his team efforts. My parents loved the gift😊

- Chetan Mehta  (10-Mar 2018)

I'm a newbie so this is the first order of mine from Tajonline. Well, you guys have got a customer for the lifetime. Excellent service.

- Ganesh  (10-Nov 2017)

I had ordered shortbread and chocolates for my son. He loved it and in fact, everyone loved the taste of the shortbread cookies- Thanks.

- Harprit  (25-Aug 2017)

Order no. 150058352513. I used your service for a gift for my sister in Kolkata and Mumbai. They both enjoyed your products. I hope your company continues to grow and provide excellent service. I will suggest you to my friends and family.

- Malu Makhijani  (11-Aug 2017)

Tajonline website is a blend of quality products and an excellent service. Would always use your site to send gifts.

- Abhinav  (07-Jul 2017)

149849539513 order is very bad they sent us steal cake , which not at all edible cake. smell bed , also not respond of the massages . please think 10 times before place any order.

- Viki  (28-Jun 2017)

A good website to send gifts to your family members in India. One can rely on them for a good service.

- Sagar S  (28-Jun 2017)

Thank you so much to Tajonline for making our anniversary absolutely amazing by hand-delivering delicious cake and flower bouquet to my wife. I forgot to order a gift for our anniversary, but it was their reminder occasion emailer as well as telecall which made me remember of it and their same day delivery was a boon.

- Saurabh.Vernekar  (26-Jun 2017)

My personalized mug reached the destination on time and the quality of the image was good.

- Alok  (19-Jun 2017)

good site to send gifts

- KKR  (01-May 2017)

The egg yolk separator was very cute. The best thing was it was inexpensive.

- Meenakshi Thakur  (30-Apr 2017)

The designer bouquet was exactly how it was shown on the website. It was fresh and was delivered with a free greeting card. You'll made my day.

- Sanjana  (13-Apr 2017)
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