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About Valentine's Day

Adorable Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

14th February, the day of love and happiness is just around the corner. It’s the time of the year when couples spend time with each other and celebrate by giving presents and surprises. Many times, it is not possible to spend the day together and hence gift them with a lovely surprise. For this couples choose to send their valentine’s a lovely card or a gift online. We at Tajonline have a wonderful service where we have a dedicated team for Valentine Gift Delivery Online.

Valentine’s Day is the time to rekindle the romance and make them fall in love once again. Lovers, nowadays, order Valentine's Day gifts to India online as there are amazing offers along with good service. Majorly, Valentine's Day gifts from the USA to India are sent more compared to other parts of the world. Every country has their own way of celebrating Valentine.

At Tajonline, we have wonderful and unique products well crafted that will suit the personality of your husband or wife. Valentine Gifts Delivery Online in India for your boyfriend or girlfriend is our effort to make your significant other feel special. No matter where you are, in which state or country, you can send in your love and blessings with our Valentine Gift Delivery Online service for your loved ones. With our hard work, we have come up with a unique Valentine Day gift guide that can be sent to your boyfriend or girlfriend anywhere in India, online from across the world. We are very selective in placing our presents because we understand the need to be perfect and brilliant with presenting gifts on this day. From a huge collection of gifts like Chocolates, Valentine’s Gift Hampers, Personalized Photo Cushion, Spa Set, Vouchers, etc, our Valentine Gift Delivery Service is spot on and matches with your timings and schedules.

Top list of Valentine Gifts Online

Valentine Roses

Valentine's Day is just a few days away and you’re still thinking how to make it special? To make the day an exciting one with desire and fascination, many people opt to choose red roses to surprise their partner on this day. We at tajonline have a wonderful collection of blooms at wonderful prices as we understand that roses, signifies love, enthusiasm and freshness in a relationship. Filled with joy and energy, roses means a delight as Valentine's gifts.


Valentine’s Day is marked with love, affection and sweet chocolates. The luxurious and delicious chocolates can melt the heart of anyone with a sweet tooth. Chocolates uplift the mood and soothe the mind. A perfect gift for this day.

Personalized Gifts

For V'Day, Personalized Gifts are a thing. They’re unique and creative, bringing a smile to your partner’s face. Tajonline provides you with interesting options in personalized gifts.

Romantic gifts for valentine

a. Cushions Cushions make a lovely décor item, making your place look cozy and comfortable. For all the couples out there, love cushions are the perfect gift for you this Valentine. From adorable quotes to cheerful doodles, we have a splendid collection of love cushions for you to celebrate this day filled with love.

b. Mugs While Valentine’s Eve can be celebrated with a gorgeous glass of wine, Valentine’s Morning can be celebrated with a refreshing cup of coffee or tea. Quirky, classic and stylish, we have an exotic collection of Valentine’s themed mugs for your lovely partner for them to wake up to morning sunshine and a cup filled with freshness and love.

c. Perfumes Valentine’s Date is always a luxurious and sensual experience. And what better gift than a godly and sexy smelling perfume that will surprise your partner.


Sweets are meant to be for every occasion. And when it comes to V'Day, special sweet cakes are a must. Delicious, tasty and creamy cakes can elevate the mood of anyone and make wonderful presents for this occasion.

Flower Hampers

Valentine’s when celebrated with flowers is not only a colorful experience but also a fulfilling one. Flowers mean you care about your partner and wish for their wellness and happiness. It shows how tender yet strong your relationship is and how much you want to cherish that bond.

Romantic Soft Toys

No matter what, Romantic Soft Toys will never go out of style to express your love and affection to your partner. It’s the classic gift which has held the tradition to cheer up your partner in a way that no gift can.

So wait no more, select your favorite one and send valentine gifts to India.