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Send Mangoes to India

Buy Fresh and Tasty Haapus Alphonso Mangoes Online

Summers are here, And so is the Mango season!! Mangoes have this immediate connection to your childhood memories and those summer vacations you spent at your native place. Mangoes were also used in the kitchen like religion and were prepared in various forms like Aamras, Mango Milkshake, Mango Polis, and sometimes even mango mithai with enough patience. Mango is, however, the tastiest, in its raw and original form. Indians do have a special bond with Mangoes. All important festivals and occasions have mangoes or Mango leaves as a part of their rituals. Gifting Mangoes is almost conventional to give by in dozens to all relatives, business partners, friends and lots more. Although gifting fruits is not a luxurious thing to do, but the King of Fruits is costliest amongst all and hence thought of as a royal gift. We, at TajOnline, make sure to get the Best quality mangoes from the most famous of all types; The Devgad Haapus Alphonso Aam.

Know your Alphonso:

Alphonso Mango was named after Afonso de Albuquerque, a Portuguese general and military expert who helped establish Portuguese colonies in India. Farmed in an organic, preservative-free and in the most natural form, Alphonsos are Cultivated in Devgad and other regions of Konkan. These mangoes have the epitome of sweetness and aroma. Their Unique aroma lies due to the Salty Sea Breeze, Humid and Loving Sunshine and excellent Soil conditions in Konkan Hilly areas. This makes their taste extremely exclusive, rich and exquisite.

Truly a King in its form, Everyone bows down to its Tasty Royalty. All Hail to the King of Summers!

Nutritional Info:

Alphonso Mangoes are beneficial in preventing chronic heart diseases as they are rich in Beta- Carotene, Selenium, Potassium, and Vitamin-E. Also, being rich in Iron and Copper, they provide optimum assistance in proper digestion, prevent high-risk diseases such as Anaemia and also help in controlling high blood pressure.

Why you should order from TajOnline?

TajOnline has been one of the most Trusted websites since 1998, offering a wide range of products. We have always cared about your concern for gifting and to make your loved ones feel special regardless of any season or occasion. With the Summers almost knocking on our doorstep, we have got in store the most famous and most demanded variety of mango: Devgad Mangoes. We proudly assure you of quick delivery and best quality packaging so that the mangoes are delivered safely and in their best form possible. We also vary our prices as per the market trends to offer the most reasonable rates in the market. So as the King of fruits paves its way into the market, place your orders immediately to express your gratitude, thank someone or simply bring mangoesque smile on the face of your loved ones.