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Superb Capricorn

Birthday Gifts For Capricorn

Capricorns are born between 21st december and 20th january. This is the tenth astrological zodiac sign. People with this zodiac sign are very ambitious.

Their sign is originated from the constellation of capricornus - the horned goat (upper body and head of goat and lower body and tail of a fish.) They are calm,conservative,determined and truly loyal. They represent time and responsibility. They like family,traditions,music,craftsmanship.

They always love gestures. Their negative traits are they are sometimes overly focused. But they do their best for their loved ones and never ask for anything in return. So this season gift your capricorn buddies something amazing.

Here are some gifts every capricorn would love:

1) Personalized gift - Capricorns love gestures so instead of giving something very costly why not give something customised? They always appreciate such stuffs. A mug or a cute photo poster would do the magic!

2) Headphones - As they are music lovers, Something related to music would make them very happy. Gift them a nice pair of earphones or headphones.

3) Book store voucher - Feed their curiosity with a mystery book. You can let them choose the book they want by giving them a gift voucher instead of a book of your choice.

4) Jewellery - Capricorns like beautiful and simplistic things so an elegant piece of jewellery would be something they would really adore.