Chocolates & Cookies-Naughty emotions for brother

Naughty emotions for brother

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  • Naughty emotions for brother
  • Can't settle on a flavour?
  • Try our box of assorted chocolates with a diverse variety, for the festive day of Rakshabandhan.
  • We have an arrangement of 10 naughty emotions paired with 10 different flavours to gift your sister on this special day.
  • ?e argue, but we?e actually making memories? Coffee Dark
  • ?om likes me better? Chocochips Milk
  • ?y sister has an awesome brother. True story? Milk Chocolate
  • ?ou?e adopted? Strawberry White
  • ?artner for all time cravings?- Fruit and nut dark
  • ?iblings? Nah, we are soulmates!??Oreo white
  • ?hanks for making home a zoo??mint dark
  • ?ou?e cute, yet noisy??orange milk
  • ?est partner in crime?- wasabi dark
  • ?atty, still not satisfied, huh???White chocolate
  • ?ou?e cute, when you?e mute??almond dark
  • Lets make this day unforfetable.
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  • Raksha Bandhan day is on 3rd Aug, 2020. We do not guarantee delivery of orders placed on and after 27th July 2020 (unless from express delivery section), BUT will make all efforts within our control to deliver your gift on time.

  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, shipments might get delayed. Hence, Raksha Bandhan day orders will be delivered between the 24th July - 3rd August and not necessarily on the preferred date as given in the order unless the delivery is specified for before 27th July, 2020.

  • In the wake of COVID-19 Pandemic, we have further stepped up for our hygiene practices to ensure well-being of our online customers.

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