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Online Cake Delivery in India

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Online Cake Delivery
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Send Cakes to India through Tajonline


Taj Online provides the widest range of Cakes for almost all occasions. We understand the importance of cake and how its presence matters in all aspects. Simply enjoy it and make every Celebration memorable! Your order will be delivered at the Exact Address, date and time.


A Cake is a form of Dessert which is typically Baked. A modification of bread in itself, this cake has the ability to be very simple or to be very elaborate in nature. Flexible in a lot of variations, this cake can hence be personalized as per every human need and wants. Typically formed with simple ingredients like Flour, Butter, Sugar, Eggs and Oil, this cake can then be remolded in different sizes, shapes, colors, flavors and more. A lot of scopes to improve in itself, this is the Most Famous dessert in the entire world.


The Famous Dessert “Cake” has a long history! The Term was derived from the Viking origin from the Old Norse language “KAKA”.It was baked using flour mixed with eggs, milk, nuts, and honey. It was also called “Sakura”, which basically means a flat heavy cake. During the Roman Era, the name for cake turned into "placenta" which was derived from the Greek language. A placenta was baked on a pastry base or inside a pastry case. During the Great Depression in the United States, there was a surplus amount of molasses due to which a cake mix was developed for all. Later on, by the help of consumerism rising in the country, the cake became more of like a mass produced product rather than a home-baked dessert. Due to this rise and the flexibility of making a variety of flavors, the cake became a famous and essential product for almost all occasions.


Chocolate Cake: Chocolate is always been the most popular taste worldwide. Rich in Anti- Oxidants, this beautiful flavor releases endorphins in our brain which makes us feel very Positive and Happy! Thus, Many people are hooked to Chocolate! Our Chocolate Cake has always been an IDEAL Flavor to choose for. We make sure to put in rich and luscious quality of chocolate cream and ganache. Made by our Expert Chef Partners, the cake is decorated beautifully and will make any occasion a Hit! We make sure that the cake is delivered in the best quality, flavor, and is delivered on time.

Butterscotch Cake: Butterscotch cake is the Ultimate Cake to have when you don’t feel like having the typical go to “Vanilla” or “Chocolate” Flavor. Rich in flavor with its Buttery undertones and tasty cracked toffees on top, this cake is an extremely blissful treat to look at as well as to taste for. We, at Tajonline, make sure that your online order reaches on time, and at the exact address with the Best quality of flavors.

Black and White Forest Cake: Black and White Forest cake, ideally famous for being “The Birthday Cake” in India is always a go-to choice. Filled with luscious vanilla cream and raspberry jams in between the layers, and delicious white and chocolate garnishing above it makes it taste heavenly! Topped up with cream cheese and cherries on top, this cake looks very playful, young and lip-smacking in taste.

Red Velvet Cake & Blueberry Cake: Currently the Most Trending flavor in India has to be these two “Red Velvet” and “ Blueberry” cakes. Filled in with Raspberry and Blueberry notes in the cake sponge and topped up beautifully with decorated ganache, meringue and fondants, this cake looks extremely lavish and tastes really rich in flavors. Ideal for Grand Occasions like Engagements, Wedding Receptions, Birthdays and more. The people who love these flavors would fall head over heels in love and we are sure they will order from us henceforth.

Strawberry Cake: Sweetest of All, Strawberry cake has been here since years now! Derived from the original pie cake, strawberry is the most delicious, tangy and different in flavor amongst others. Our expert chefs make sure that the cake sponge is made with the utmost care and affection, just like your love for your loved ones. Yummy Strawberry Jams and Creams submerged inside the vanilla sponge, gives this taste a heavenly flavor. Loved by all age groups, you should definitely order this cake online and we will make sure it reaches not just in time, but in utmost care and love.

Fruit Cake: Are your loved ones a Fan of fruits? Do they have a Sweet Tooth and always prefer something tangy and fresh in flavors? We have introduced the Centuries old “Mix fruit cakes” in almost all shapes and flavor combinations like chocolate and fruits etc. Check out our page to know more! Creamy and soft vanilla sponges, mixed in with delicious seasonal fruit toppings, we make sure that cake is very tropical, juicy and fresh in taste. It will surely relish your taste buds and make your loved ones satisfied with joy.

Vanilla Cake: The Classic Vanilla cake has always been the top favorite and the most consumed cake throughout the world. The Vanilla Cake has always been a comforting cake to have which can be turned and mixed in with almost all flavors, shapes and sizes. The most convenient and yet deliciously classic vanilla is always the best choice to choose for when you are not sure about which flavor to go for. We make sure we deliver the cake in the softest, most fresh and most delicious form throughout.

Send Birthday Cakes Online:

Do you know why we started celebrating Birthdays with a Cake? Cake spreads out sweetness and happiness when you eat it. When you eat a cake or bring it for someone, you wish for him/her that the next year of his/her birth should stay as sweet and delightful as the cake. We offer Cakes in Multiple Flavors, Shapes, and Sizes. We also made sure that you get the best quality cake with the softest sponge, creamiest and richest ganache and with the most beautiful decorations as per the current trends. We deliver on time so that your celebrations are smoothly coordinated and enjoyed. So, Buy Birthday Cakes Online and Deliver it to your loved ones to make their special day even better.

Unique Combinations of Flavors: We also deliver flavors like Kiwi Cake, Mango Cake, Pineapple cake, etc which is very tangy, savory and yet sweet and delicious in taste. Such cakes always remind us of the sweet bond of Savory and Sweet combinations just like the bond of Tom & Jerry. We make sure to provide the richest of flavors in these cakes so as to satisfy the taste buds of your loved ones.


We provide Cakes in the top famous shapes like Round, Heart, Square, and Rectangle so as to provide the best look in All Celebratory events. We also provide premium shapes for huge order cakes like two-tier cakes, Heart on top of a circle, and other such 3D shape designs which are currently in trend. We hence make sure that all your requirements are satisfied with utmost care. Do check out our page for more details. Right from a simple small apology cake, till the huge and beautiful wedding cakes, we have covered it all in the size department.


We have made sure to provide a cake for every Emotion, let alone the celebrations. Get well Soon cake, Sorry cake, I Love You cake, Promotion cakes, Office Celebrations cake, Festival celebrations cake,Gender Reveal Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Cartoon shaped cakes, Premium designed cakes, Personalised print cakes, Wedding and Reception cakes, and also just to treat yourself cake, the list over here is endless! After all, having a Cake requires no special occasion.


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