Dhanteras Special Gifts

Dhanteras Special Gifts

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Puja Silver Thali Sale

Puja Silver Thali

Rs4,908 Rs4,440
Silver Kumkum Haldi holder Sale
Designer Kumkum Holder Sale

Designer Kumkum Holder

Rs6,033 Rs5,458
Puja Silver Kumkum Haldi Holder Sale
Decorative Puja Silver Thali Sale
Goddess Ganesh idol in Mandapam Sale
Goddess Laxmi Idol Sale

Goddess Laxmi Idol

Rs6,272 Rs5,675
Goddess Ganesh Idol Sale

Goddess Ganesh Idol

Rs6,895 Rs6,238
Multi-Purpose Silver Dabbi Sale
Designer Silver Kumkum Dabbi Sale
Silver Kumkum Haldi Holder Sale
Goddess Laxmi idol in Mandapam Sale
Goddess Laxmi idol in Mandapam Sale
Goddess Ganesh idol in Mandapam Sale
Designer Silver Bowl Sale

Designer Silver Bowl

Rs1,748 Rs1,581
Pure Silver Plate For Puja Sale
Engraved Puja Thali Sale

Engraved Puja Thali

Rs3,699 Rs3,347
Designer Silver Plate Sale

Designer Silver Plate

Rs4,549 Rs4,115
Elephant Silver Idol Sale

Elephant Silver Idol

Rs1,125 Rs1,018
Laxmi Ganesh Silver Idol Sale

Laxmi Ganesh Silver Idol

Rs1,436 Rs1,300
Goldie Heart Diamond Pendant Sale

Goldie Heart Diamond Pendant

Rs36,465 Rs33,309
Nital Diamond Earrings Sale

Nital Diamond Earrings

Rs53,153 Rs48,553
Groovy Emerald Pendant Sale

Groovy Emerald Pendant

Rs7,915 Rs7,230
Ganesha Diamond Pendent Sale

Ganesha Diamond Pendent

Rs31,745 Rs28,997
Square Shape Diamond Studs Sale

Square Shape Diamond Studs

Rs26,534 Rs24,237
Chesta Diamond Earrings Sale

Chesta Diamond Earrings

Rs28,607 Rs26,132
Lords Vishnu Naamam Sale

Lords Vishnu Naamam

Rs935 Rs880
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About Dhanteras

Dhanteras Special Gifts

Dhanteras marks the beginning of the five-day-long Diwali festival. This year it will be celebrated on 2nd November 2021. This festival is also known as Dhanvantari Triosadi. Diwali falls in the month of Kartik according to the Hindu calendar which falls between October- November every year.

The word Dhanteras stands for wealth; day, where people pray goddess Laxmi to attract wealth and prosperity. People worship goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha together on this auspicious day. There is this custom followed from our ancestor's time of buying precious metals in the form of gold coin, silver coin or jewelry, and diamonds.

There is a special mahurat or time when the puja should be done, this year the timing is between 11:31 AM until next day 9:02 AM. The puja always starts after sunset and should be done during pradosh kaal.

Special preparation for Dhanteras/ Dhantrayodashi

On this day all Hindus prefer doing all of their important work related to house or business. Everybody waits for this day for the entire year as this day is said to be lucky for buying a house or trading or doing a business deal. People also renovate and paint their house or color the entire home and decorate the entire home with flowers, decorative items, lights, diyas and rangolis.

Send Dhanteras Gifts Online

People who stay away from their family and relatives can now send dhanteras gifts from our online store where we have categorized each section which is best for this occasion. Our pooja and accessories store has a collection of puja thaalis made of silver, marbles, incense holder, diyas and lots more. Browse through our idols section and find out Laxmi and Ganesha's idol made of pure chandi as well as of woods and marbles if one wants to send it to their friends for good luck.

Don't forget to visit the best-selling category which is gold and silver coin section where one will find coins of different grams along with flowers made of silver metal. Lastly, comes our jewelry section where we have a collection of traditional as well as the latest design of jewelry made of gold.

Now that you know everything about this day go ahead and buy dhanteras gifts for everyone who is special in your life or whom you want to wish all luck and want wealthy life for them. Find dhanteras gifts for Diwali at a competitive price and send it to India.