Wishing you a very Happy Akshaya Tritiya

The word ‘Akshaya’ means never diminishing and is believed that the fruits that are borne on this day, keep on multiplying. Any venture, be it business or personal; gets fulfilled positively. It’s even considered an auspicious time to make long term purchases in the form of gold and other precious stones, real estate, shares and bonds. Akshaya-Trithiya-Blog-Banner


According to Indian belief, gold symbolizes financial security and well-being in life and that this day is blessed by the goddess of wealth and any investment made on this day is likely to grow throughout the year.


Akshaya Tritiya represents new beginnings, prosperity and good fortune. Indians always believe in exchanging sweets and dry fruits at the beginning of any special occasion.


The season is considered great for any new beginning in someone’s personal or professional life.  For any such occasion poojas are always conducted in India, and gifting these pooja items to loved ones will always be appreciated.


It’s a week of frenzy just before  Akshaya Tritiya in Jewellery stores with people pre-ordering gold, and other precious stones in advance. Gifting a loved one a jewellery gift voucher sets you apart, and it gives your loved one the liberty of picking jewellery of their choice at leisure.


Given their love for gold Indians need no excuse to buy gold. But this festival is different, as people believe that the gold bought on this day will keep multiplying.


People buy flowers to convey their love and wishes to special people in their lives. Gifting a flower basket this Akshaya Tritiya is a great way to wish your loved ones all the success, prosperity and joy.

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