Unique Rakhi Gifts for your beloved sister !

Growing up becomes even more exciting when you have a sister you can mess around with, whether its pulling her ponytail to snatching the remote or snatching away all the cookies or bringing her a chocolate when tears roll down her face? Well its time to put an end to the fight and embrace her on her special day! For all the times you have ticked her off or called her names, it’s time you let her know that no matter what, your sister will always be your best person and what better ways to do so than gifting her something she has been eyeing since so long!!

Take a look below at some of the most unique Rakhi gift ideas for your sister


  • Stationery and Art material

Stationery can never go wrong for that creative sister who has a knack for doodling around. Awaken the painter inside of her by gifting her a canvas, brushes, paints or any other item you know she wants most.


  • Perfumes

What better idea than to gift a fragrance? Girls absolutely love mild and soft smelling scents. Aroma therapy is known for years to be the best mood lifters and has the potential to instantly brighten your day.

  •  E-Vouchers

These are absolutely your best friends when it comes to picking up something for your picky sister. Any last minute gift confusions and vouchers are your best pick. They come in wide ranges and comprise most brands making your task chic and effortless.


  • Jewellery

When in confusion, buy some jewellery. This is the one piece you just can’t go wrong with. Be it a ring, necklace, bracelet or even earrings, they are definitely a perfect charmer!


  • Cakes and Flowers

The most obvious and evergreen solution for all types of sisters. After all who doesn’t love to dig into sweet indulgence and be showered with tons of flowers?


  • Branded Dresses

When in doubt, go for branded dresses, a girl is always in need of clothes, she can never have too much of that. Think deeply, there’s definitely that one dress she has been window shopping and betting on for long.


  • Cosmetics, hand creams and essential oils

If your sister is already stocked up on the above then you can make her a basket full of Cosmetics, hand creams, essential oils and any other items you think she is fond of. Surprises are fun and unique and girls love the ones that come in plenty.




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