Treat Your Home: Diwali Decors, Kitchen Essentials And Lots More

Treat Your Home, Diwali Decors

Diwali is the time when your home undergoes a major cleansing process. Cleaning and decorating your house during Diwali is considered auspicious. It is often quite confusing to pick the right decor for Diwali as many guests come over at this time. Here are some things you can try that will give your house a completely new look. Treat your home with these amazing Diwali decors. There are also some tips for you to get your kitchen loaded with the right ingredients and sweets for this Diwali.

Give your house a complete makeover

Diwali is the time when everything is new and clean. Be ready for Diwali by starting to deep clean your home early on. To make sure you are not leaving anything out you should list out all the zones in your house that need cleaning and go on cancelling out the zone that you have finished cleaning. You can start cleaning with your kitchen and all the cupboards and utensils in there and then go for each bedroom and bathroom. It is advisable to take professional help for cleaning your entire house so that your house looks as good as new.

Get creative with lights

Diwali is also known as ‘Deepavali’ which literally means a row of lights. In order to brighten up your home, you can experiment with string lights, candles, lanterns and a lot more. There are many string lights of different shapes that you could hang in the house. You can fill up string lights in mason jars and arrange them near the windows or you can also attach different coloured paper cups to the lights. Treat your home by arranging the candles in a lotus-shaped tray making for a beautiful Diwali decor. Check out the transparent bottle style hanging tea light here. 

Play with colours

You can use vibrant-coloured flowers to make a rangoli. Use floating flowers and candles together for a beautiful rangoli. You can also mix different elements like coloured rice, flowers, powder, pearls and glitter to make your rangoli prettier than ever. Make a canopy with flowers and use strings of flowers to decorate your house this Diwali.

Tassel it up

Different tassels hanging from the walls can really set the festive mood at home. Keeping with the celebration you can hang torans made of flowers or different-coloured threads. Colourful cushions can be placed on sofas to change the look of your home. Create an appealing effect by using paper lanterns stringed together with a rope. This kind of a Diwali decor will look very beautiful.

Invest in metal that’s useful

People usually invest in kitchen appliances during Diwali as it is a sign of prosperity to buy metal at this time. Utensils are essential for daily living in a household. You cook meals thrice a day so you have to make sure you have all the kitchen essentials you’ll ever need. You can invest in a new stove or a food processor or that waffle maker for your sweet cravings.  

Be prepared with food to serve your guests

Stock up your refrigerator with the best of sweets. Diwali is also considered as a new year and hence people visit each other and exchange gifts and sweets around this time. Be ready for Diwali with sweetmeats like jalebi, burfee and gulab jamun. Some snacks you can keep in store for your guests include samosas, paneer tikkis and kachoris to go along with the sweets.

These are some helpful tips to keep in mind for Diwali decors and kitchen essentials for this Diwali.

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