Top Holiday steals under 20$

Christmas is the season of peace and goodwill until you go shopping and get the bill! But with our special list of Holiday steals under 20$, you’ll make everyone happy without spending a fortune.


Christmas Decorations: They are always considered as handy and are most welcome during the holiday season. Usually people decorate their homes and Christmas trees, so decorations can never be too many and you can always gift them a box of lovely decorations.



Candles & Tea light holders: Winters are cooler and many people lit up candles and tea light holders at the corners of their homes or around the Christmas trees and center tables. Gifting candles of various shapes and aromas will surely be a great gift for anyone.



Chocolates & Cookies : Yummy baked cookies and delicious holiday chocolates ! Nothing can be a better gift than this for Christmas. Cookies of santa claus and Christmas tree shape can be gifted to the kids and delicious liquor and rum chocolates make a splash among the adults during the festive season.



Lip Balms & Winter creams : You’ll be a savior to all the ladies and young girls if you gift them a set of flavored lip balms or winter creams.  Girls make the most use of these during the winter season and love trying new flavours of the same.



Cardigans & Scarfs : Winters are chilly and people loving wearing variety of cardigans and scarfs. You could buy a set for the family or pick up individually as per everyones choice.



So take a sigh of relief and view the best online deals for Christmas gifting .




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