Top 5 unique gifts for this Father’s Day

Top 5 unique gifts for this Father’s Day

Shout out 14th February, and people will respond “Valentine’s Day”. Say 1st Sunday of August, and voices can be heard exclaiming “Friendship day”. Today people don’t even forget 14th May, i.e., “Mother’s Day”, which is indeed a very good thing, but then does anyone remember what’s there on 18th of June?

Well, of course not. Because the group of people related to this day are the silent superheroes of our lives. Although they will not show any affection and their love will not reflect obvious attachments, yet it’s just not possible to match the intensity of their love.

Well you guessed it right, 18th June is the day to commemorate the fathers of this world. They might come off as the unspoken, unapologetic and very stern people, but in reality, a father’s affection is something, which cannot be measured. Just think how great it could be if one can have a personalized menu of father’s day gifts to choose from.

Having said that, brings to you a complete range of father day gifts, which unlike the traditional and common gift ideas, have been specifically curated, keeping in mind, our strict and largely unsocial fathers of this world. The attractive part is, you can be anywhere in the world and you’ll still be able to send Father’s Day gifts to anywhere across India.

So, how about we look at some of the coolest gifts for Father’s Day, that has in store for you.

1. A TITAN Black Dial Leather Strap Men’s Watch. We have often seen dads clinging onto the same decades old wrist watch of theirs which as they say, is one of the dearest things in the world to them. Well what you can do is, gift your dad this watch but don’t mandate him to wear it. You yourself will get to see in a week or so, as to how dearest his old watch actually was.

2. Next, we have a Healthy Coffee Combo set for the fitness freak Dads. The set includes a 3.7 inches high white mug with some words engraved, a 100gm pack of sugar free, a 50gm pack of Nescafe coffee and a message bottle. Dads are those breed of unique creatures who don’t like flashy things and hence would be more than happy, just by knowing the fact that you care for his health.

3. Next up is an Accessories Organizer. It’s a universal fact that how particular and systematic our dads are, regarding their things. Well, there finally seems to be something, which can help your dad, taking this systematic habit of his, to a whole new level. This organizer box can be stuffed with tie, wallet, watch, cufflinks, etc. in the most systematic and organized way possible.

4. It’s not like the gifts for our dads have to necessarily be something pricey. Something as simple as a Personalized Two Tone Yellow Mug, can be a perfect Father’s Day gift as well. It comes with a stylish alternative to our classic mugs, having few very sweet words engraved.

5. Capping the list with one of the finest items on our menu is a Raymond Gift Voucher. Valid at all the Raymond outlets across the country with a validity period of 8 months, if elegant is your keyword, we’ve got just the thing for you.

So since now you have just the gifts for Father’s Day, how about doing some shopping now?

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