Top 5 Rakhi Gifting Themes

“Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.”
                                                                                                                                                        – Vietnamese proverb
Needless to say the bond shared between a brother and sister is as close as it can get. So much that you share everything from food, music and movies to clothes and pillows. When you’re young and have something too personal to discuss, your sibling takes precedence over parents or friends. But life is not always the way it ought to be. Distance changes the equation often. Marriage and career drift you away from your responsibilities as a brother or sister. Rakhi is the time to make amends. It is the time to relive old memories, of you growing up together, of the two of you sharing your lives such that you were meant to inseparable. Let distance not hinder your Rakhi celebrations – while you know your brother best, we know the market trends best.
Let us together work out the best gift for your sibling.

Royal Rakhi Collection

A Rakhi is a quintessential gift to have as part of your celebrations. It is a sacred thread that is tied by a sister on her brother’s wrist. Our collection comprises of diamond pendant rakhis – with the diamond signifying a letter, preferably one that your brother’s name starts with. It adds a personal touch to the message that a Rakhi sends out. Besides that we have some beautifully ornamented Rakhis with pearls, beads and flower designs. Most of our Rakhis come with coconut, rice & kumkum and packed in attractive boxes.

Rakhi Thaali and Sweets

Rakhi-Thaali-and-Sweets_1583x699 (1)
Rakhi Thaalis, being the most popular gifts, are well-liked by customers. Our thaalis come in bright colours and are decorated in many different ways – sometimes with pearls and golden lace borders, at other times with  red & yellow flowers. Our thaali collection is extremely popular with our customers abroad and have always been an instant hit with sisters who would like to gift their brothers in a traditional way. Sometimes when you’re living very far away from your brother and would like to complete all rituals in a conventional manner, a Rakhi Thaali is the best gift you can gift as it contains roli and chawal along with a wonderfully decorated rakhi platter.

Personalized Gifts for Rakhi

When you have a message to send to your sibling alongside your Rakhi gift or a favourite picture to print on a memorabilia, you should definitely check out our personalized gifts section. Cherish memories of the past by embedding your personalized picture on a fridge magnet, keychain, mug or calendar. Personalized gifts ooze warmth and affection that surpasses no other gift.

Rakhi Gifts for Brother

Rakhi-Gifts-for-Brother_1583x699 (1)
Men are more fascinated by fashion accessories and grooming items. Our Rakhi thaali and sweets collection has been carefully chosen to meet demands of our customers looking for gifts for their brothers. If your brother has a sweet tooth, you could try amongst our Bikanervala or Halidram sweet packs. Also popular is Kaleva’s mithai packs, with kaju barfi dominating most. Whether you’re looking to send wallets, belts or perfumes to your brother – we’ve got an exclusive gift collection only for him.

Rakhi Gifts for Sister 


Sisters love to be pampered. Rakhi is the best time of the year to make your sister feel special. With Raksha Bandhan comes the big responsibility to understand what gifts your sister loves most. Our vast experience in selecting gift items for Rakhi explains that women typically love to receive apparel, chocolates, perfumes and handbags as gifts. During Rakhi when expectations are higher, you have to be your best for your sister. Buy her a leather handbag or spoil your sister with a sweet perfume, but most importantly let her know that you love her with a gift. It is important to gift at the right time, and if your sister is punctual – how about just gifting her an elegant watch during Rakhi. After all, nothing is more important than time-management.

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