Top 5 Gifts For Kids: Diwali Special

Top 5 Diwali Gifts For Kids

Diwali is very special for kids. They get acquainted with our culture and traditions through this festival. When you are on a spree to replace old things with new ones, how can you leave behind your children? Kids are the most excited when they receive gifts whether it is birthday gifts or festive gifts or even return gifts. Nothing is as satisfying as seeing your child’s reaction as they tear open the gift wrapping and dig in for the gift. Children associate gifts with celebration and happiness. It will give them great pleasure if you send Diwali gifts online especially for them. Browse through the top 5 Diwali gifts for kids to make this Diwali memorable for your children.

  1. Building Block Set

Gift your children building blocks that they can turn into a beautiful home. Tap the architect in your child and see the creative ways in which they stack and build the blocks. This can be a productive pass time for your children instead of letting them stare at the screen to play video games.

Find a building block set which is a perfect Diwali gift for kids, here

  1. Stamp It

Your kids can learn about animals, fruits and vegetables in a fun way. The number of things they can stamp on are innumerable. Some of them include pencil stands, calendars, bookmarks and much more. This Diwali gift for kids is not only exciting but also helps your child to learn. Your child can also weave a jungle story by stamping different animals on a piece of paper. The Stamp It pack also has colour pencils apart from stamps, a stamp pad and a stamp holder.

  1. Lunch Box And Water Bottle

Kids take lunch boxes and water bottles to school everyday. A fancy lunch box and water bottle with their favourite cartoon on it can be a great Diwali special gift for kids. They are going to love their new lunch box and they would not want to exchange it for anything. What makes it a perfect gift is that they will use it regularly.

  1. Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is super fun!  Imagine clay’s binding and sand’s texture together. This is the perfect Diwali gift for kids. It is an evolution from playing with clay. Kinetic sand comes in different colours and moulds and is amazing to play with.

Kinetic sand is very satisfying to mould and crumple. It is something that your kids will never get tired of.

  1. A Visit To An Orphanage

This Diwali is a good time to impart values to your children. You can gift your children an experience which is sharing their things and spreading their happiness with the unfortunate. Your children will become sensitive and caring through this visit. Sharing chocolates, food and clothes with the orphans will teach them how to care for others.

These are few Diwali gifts ideas for kids. Get prepped to give your kids something that will surprise them completely!

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