Things To Do This Diwali 2018

Things To Do Diwali 2018

It is that time of the year filled with lights, laughter, family and fun. Go an extra mile for your family and make this festival a joyous celebration. Make Diwali extra special this time by doing the things you love. Here are some things to do this Diwali. Don’t let Diwali 2018 be a dry one because it is your time to thoroughly enjoy!

Go on a shopping spree

New things are awaiting you this Diwali so get dressed and go shopping! Pick out your favourite ethnic outfits or some really useful utensils. You can also choose to accessorize by investing in some jewellery for yourself. Diwali shopping is not limited to just metal or clothes but you also have to buy Diwali decor and send Diwali gifts to your loved ones.

Add some shine to your house

It’s time for a clean up! Cleaning every nook and corner of your house is one of the things to do this Diwali. After cleaning, go ahead and decorate your house with scented candles, diyas, lights, rangolis and much more. Aromatic flowers like roses and lilies brightens everyone’s mood and are also perfect for Diwali decor. Put to use some string lights and decorative wall hangings to give your house a bright and new look.

Prepare those special delicacies

You can prepare Indian sweets like Jalebi, basundi, shrikhand and laddu this Diwali. It is always fun to prepare these delicacies yourself than to have it ordered from a sweet shop. Involve yourself to learn and make some sweets on your own without worrying about how imperfect they turn out. Go slow on the calorie intake with sweets flooding in from every relative you know.

Invite your family for a get-together

Diwali is time for a celebration so a Diwali party is definitely one of the best things to do this Diwali. Invite your relatives over and arrange a small get-together with food, sweets and drinks.
Have you ever been through certain situations like a cousin meet-up plan that never worked out or relatives that are not in town when you went to meet them? Worry not, because Diwali is the time to meet your loved ones and no one will opt out when invited. You can send Diwali gifts to India or any other place in the world for those who live far from your home.

Decide to have a Holy day

Yes that’s right, a Holy Day. Diwali is the time when most of the schools and workplaces give holidays. Take this valuable free time to turn to God and pray. Organise a big pooja at home or just keep it simple and pray alone with doors closed. You can also invest in a pooja thaali for this day.

Spend some me time

Spend some time reflecting on yourself, pondering over how you can do better personally and professionally. Take this much-needed break this Diwali. Set goals for yourself and make an action-plan to reach them. Relax yourself, go and get a massage or meditate by the beach. Exposing yourself to nature is the best way to relax and rejuvenate.

Don’t shy away from making this Diwali a momentous occasion by doing the things that you love. Light up your heart and get ready for Diwali 2018.


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