SpEGGtacular Gifting this Easter

Easter is a very joyous occasion celebrated by Christians across the world, and with time by other cultures as well. The festival represents good over evil, life over death, and to celebrate this Christians typically meet their families and friends, exchange gifts and have a big feast.
Easter is a great chance to send your wishes and exchange gifts with loved ones and family.
The tradition of Easter was to gift painted eggs along with some food, generally dried chicken, in a basket, and was given to relatives. However, Easter in today’s world has evolved and gifts are not limited to food items.
Some gift items available now are:

EASTER EGGS and CHOCOLATES: The egg, a traditional Easter symbol, serves as a reminder of Christ’s return to life. Just how Holi would not be the same without Gulaal, Easter is incomplete without the eggs. Easter eggs traditionally would be chicken eggs, dyed and painted red to symbolize the blood of Christ. Now, the eggs are not only painted in different colours and made decorative, but are also made of plastic or chocolate.

FLOWERS: As Easter is in Spring, gifting flowers to families and friends is very common. Just like Easter, flowers also represent freshness and life so it becomes a great gifting item during Easter. Flowers like lilies, anthuriams and white or yellow roses are usually preferred.

JEWELLERY: Nowadays, gifting jewelry is becoming common during Easter. The most popular jewelry item that people gift are pendants. These pendants generally have the cross or crucifix and many Christians consider the gifted pendants sacred.

GIFT HAMPERS: Hampers in modern times have become a very popular form of gifting. Gift hampers can be a combination of various items, depending on the occasion. During Easter, the gift hampers very often comprise of chocolates and cookies.

In addition to all the above popular Easter gifts; clothes, greeting cards and electronic gadgets are also exchanged.

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