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The summer has arrived and the heat is all set to make us leave thirsty. The sun is at its highest temperature and all we could see people going on vacation, sitting on the beach and sipping on their coolers with their sunglasses on.

Apart from this summer attractions, there is one thing for which summer is known for, that is, Mangoes! Popularly known as Aam in Hindi, this juicy fruit is the king of all fruits and has a huge family. There are different types of Aam available in the market which are famous and found in states like Alphonso (happus) from Maharashtra especially Ratnagiri, Chaunsa in Himachal Pradesh, Dasheri in Uttar Pradesh, Langra from Uttar Pradesh, Kesar from Gujarat, Himsagar from West Bengal, Banganapalli from Andhra Pradesh and Totapuri from Karnataka. The taste might differ from one another, but the love, one has for aam is irresistible.

This seasonal fruit is available only during the summer season from early March to late June. No flavor or fruit can beat the taste of aam. If you and your family is a die-hard fan of this fruit, we suggest you send mangoes to India for your loved ones.

How to pick right ones:
1. See the appearance of the fruit from outside, reject the ones which have black spots.
2. For Alphonso, go for bigger ones in size. Big ones are more juicy and pulpy.
3. If you are planning to stock for a longer time, go for the ones which are little raw as it can be easily be kept for more than a week.

A number of ways the fruit can be consumed:
1. Directly just cut a slice and have it.
2. Add it to any fruit salad as a dressing.
3. Made a pure popularly known as aam ras.
4. Serve as a milkshake.
5. Homemade sweet- Add the fruity flavor to any homemade sweet like barfi, chocolate, phirni, kheer, milk made, lassi, etc.
6. Serve it with ice cream as toppings or blend it to an ice cream mixture and serve as a smoothie.



The collection is huge. Online, you can find varieties like Premium Alphonso – 300 grams each, Standard Alphonso – 200 grams each, Deluxe Alphonso 250 grams each and full box (peti) for the entire family. To follow the best policy we have mentioned the sizes of each piece as this helps in sending right and best products only to the recipients.



Order mangoes online
Order mangoes online

If you are far away in other country and want to surprise your family or dear ones with a gift, it’s time you should gift mangoes over any other gift! And now sending the fruit anywhere is easy with Tajonline. We handpick fresh farm mangoes and pack it with the utmost care in a cardboard box, filled with dry grass. We purposely keep a little less riped ones as it takes time to reach the recipient and by the time it is delivered it is best to eat.

Tajonline’s online mangoes delivery is quick and safe. At Tajonline, we have only Alphonso as the demand for the same is huge in the market and is most preferred when it comes to gifting. One can easily order and send Alphonso mangoes online at an affordable price.


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