New Years 2014

New Years Eve – the holiday that, for a vast majority of us, is a pretty welcoming but big hastle at times.  All the decorating ideas, party planning, and excitement for a night brings in a lot of confusion at times. To help you plan your new years eve party, here are a few tips for decorating the home in a simple yet attractive way.
What better party topic to start off with than booze.  You don’t need to have a proper home bar to create the perfect cocktail setup for your guests this New Years Eve.  Designating sections with classic and stylish serving trays and cocktail glasses turns your table into the perfect serving station.
For your glassware you can either stick with classic champagne flutes or try modern seamless flutes and add a special colorful twist with red and green grape stirrers.  And adding small candle accents and metallic streamers add just the right amount of festive pop to make your party sparkle.
The most exciting moments of any New Years Eve celebration are inevitably the 10 seconds leading up to midnight.  Sourcing funky or vintage-inspired clocks is a fun way to decorate your house and get everyone into the spirit.
And for a modern take on traditional cookies and milk try your hand at making home made cookies. Customized new year cakes and cupcakes make a great dessert for the party. Fancy cocktail and mocktail drinks bring a different freshness to every party.
Finally – being the perfect New Years Eve hosts and hostesses – you can’t send your guests away empty handed.   Bake a batch of your favorite cookies and let your guests indulge in their sweet tooth at the end of the night.  Or you can give them a souvenier from your party décor to remember the night.
Giving guests party favors wishing them luck in the new year. Good luck plants or laughing buddha traditionally welcome wealth and good fortune.  Giving them to your guests personalized notes is a thoughtful and meaningful way to send your loved ones into the new year.
Now that you’ve been inspired by these New Year’s Eve decorating ideas and party planning ideas, how do you plan to celebrate the arrival of 2014?NYD

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