How to throw a virtual surprise Birthday Party

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Birthdays are so special! It’s the one day in the year that completely belongs to you. Everyone deserves to celebrate their birthdays to the fullest. However, there are times when due to certain circumstances, one cannot celebrate their birthday with their loved ones. We’re facing one of these circumstances right now. Everyone with their birthdays in March, April & May 2020 won’t get the chance to celebrate them outside their homes. 


That’s where you step up. Make their birthday special virtually! Because it’s okay to not care about your own birthday but it’s really saddening when your loved ones don’t care. Now that we don’t exactly know when we can go back to normal, let’s strive to make special occasions of our loved ones memorable. Although a typical birthday bash is out of the window, there are other ways to express your fondness for that person. Throw a digital birthday party from your own home and let them know that they’re loved.


Here’s a step to step guide on what you can do:


Step 1: Make an invite list of not more than 12 people

The reason for this limitation is simple – bandwidth. More people mean more disruptions, weak signals, and eventually, a mood killer. Keep the guest list limited containing only their close friends. Make sure that each guest is equally invested in this idea. 

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Step 2: Decide a costume theme

Just because this is a virtual birthday party doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort. Juice it up! Choose the person’s favorite movie or book and try to dress up as the characters. Try to make sure it is realistic and available in their wardrobe.

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Step 3: Ask everyone to have candlelight up

Once again, efforts matter! A great idea would be to ask every guest to light a candle and sing the infamous birthday song. When the birthday boy/girl will blow the candle, each candle can blow out together and everyone will have a great laugh. 


Step 4: If possible decorate your room a little to get that party vibe

The creative guests can decorate their room with some fairy lights or candles to get the party mood. We can guarantee that the birthday boy or girl will absolutely love the gesture. 


Step 5: Send them digital gifts or e-vouchers. 

Birthdays are incomplete without gifts. If you are planning to give a gift then visit a gifting website and select an e-Gift voucher for their favorite brand. You can also send them digital birthday gifts like a guitarist on a video call, personalized digital photo frame, and lots more.  

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Step 6: Send an e-Birthday Card

You can send the best digital gift cards from a website directly to their email address. Be creative with the digital gift cards and add a cute message to show them that they matter.


Step 7: Fix a time and make sure everyone is on the video call

Of course, the most important thing here is coordination. That’s why we said to make sure everyone is as invested in this idea as you so that there is no lack of communication and everyone is available at the set time.


Step 8: Host a Netflix party

If the group loves movies and has a Netflix account, you can simply Netflix & Chill! Choose a good movie to watch together, download the Netflix Party extension in Chrome, and you and your pals will be able to watch the same Netflix movie at the same time. Alternatively, you can use TwoSeven for Amazon PrimeVideo.


Step 9: Make a Happy Birthday video

Make every one of their close friends wish them a happy birthday on video. Edit and compile the videos and add music. You can be as creative with this as you wish. Discuss with your group for ideas.


Making someone’s birthday special speaks volumes about you as a person. Don’t let anything ruin your loved ones’ special occasion. 

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