How to celebrate Diwali when you are far away?

How To Celebrate Diwali When Far Away

Diwali reminds us of home, whether it is everyone dressed in gorgeous ethnic wear or the laughter and giggles of our relatives or the house decorated in the most beautiful way possible or those jalebis that our mother never lets us go before feeding. I could go on and on describing how Diwali is like with our families. For those of us who have cannot fly back home this Diwali because of work or studies, you’ll don’t need to miss out on the Diwali feels!!!

Don’t be upset if you are away from your family this Diwali. You don’t need to be welled up by nostalgia doing nothing to celebrate Diwali. Create an unforgettable experience for yourself so that you can feel happier and closer to home. Also, don’t forget to send Diwali gifts online to your family.

1. Time to clear the mess

Being away from home during Diwali can be really depressing but not if you take charge and decide to celebrate it like your family does. What always happens before Diwali is a clean-up. It can be quite a task to clean your house all by yourself but take this step and you will finally be able to control the mess! Studies say that by cleaning your house you are actually de-cluttering your mind. This was just a little something to get you motivated to spruce it up! Get ready to find things that you never knew existed in your room.

 2. Lights will guide you home

Want to feel just the way Diwali felt back home? Lights are your trump card. Beautify your newly cleaned house with string lights and flowers. Get as creative as you can by hanging the lights as you will. You can also make a photo wall with fairy lights. The photo wall can have pictures of you with your family members so that you feel they are right here!

3. Prepare a sweet by yourself

Diwali is so deeply associated with celebration and no celebration is complete without sweets. Get all the ingredients to prepare a sweetmeat that you love to eat. Then call your mother to teach you how to make that yourself. Now you can actually make the sweet you crave for any time. Isn’t it a good thing that you are learning so much?

4. Get dressed and call your friends over

Pick out your favourite ethnic wear waiting to be worn by you and pair them up with the best jhumkas and anklets you have. Friends are family so you can feel at home with these creatures, who always cheer you up. Celebrating Diwali with your friends is very exciting, think of a few games that you can play together. You will have an amazing time laughing and talking. This small Diwali party at your house will be the best experience for all of them.

5. Thank God for technology

Diwali is not over before meeting your family. Technology is the best thing that could happen to us far away from home. Video call your parents, talk to them and show them around your well-decorated house! Talk to those cousins and relatives who are missing you and waiting for you to come back and boast about the sweets that you prepared yourself.

This is the perfect recipe for celebrating Diwali. Why not make it as special as it is when celebrated at home?

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