Valentine gifts for girlfriend

Girlfriend Gift Under INR 750- Gifts That You Just Can’t Go Wrong With!

Valentine’s day is ready to the knock the door and if you are still not ready with the gift and a plan to surprise your girlfriend then be on your toes or else you might just spoil her year. Every girl waits for an entire year just to see how her man is gonna surprise her.

This Valentine’s day, make sure you browse through every idea which has been tested and successfully implemented and pick that idea and try to add your own signature style to it.

When it comes to selecting a valentine gift for her, the budget can be a factor. To help you out of this problem we have listed gifts under Rs. 750 that will not burn your pocket and she is surely going to love it.

1. Choco lips

Valentine's day chocolates
Valentine’s Day chocolates

A box of 9 chocolates which are yummy and at the same time will replicate your emotions. This adorable looking valentine chocolate box is surely be appreciated.

2. Fifteen Red Rose Bouquet

Valentine rose bouquet
Valentine rose bouquet

When we think of Valentine’s day gift the first thing which comes to our mind is red roses. But we all know it difficult to find bouquet at an affordable price during this season as the prices of roses go high. To tackle this we have got this blooming rose bouquet which is pocket friendly.

3. Colorful Earring

Valentine Jewelry for her
Valentine Jewelry for her

Surprise your lady love this Valentine’s day with this adorable earring. The sparkle of the earring will remind her of you every time.

4. In Love mug

Personalized mug for Valentine's Day
Personalized mug for Valentine’s Day

How about personalizing her name on the mug – In love with ‘Name’ and gifting her this cute mug.

5. Valentine greeting card- Chili paneer card

Valentine greeting card
Valentine greeting card

Add that cheesy and quirky touch to your love with this quirky valentine card.

We hope the listed above gift ideas help you select a gift for your lady love and doesn’t burn your pocket.

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