Gifting guide for a fashionable summer !

Summer is beaming it’s wonderful smile down upon us! Everything is cheery and all the fashionistas are coming out in full force with summer trends. So how do you know what’s hot and what’s not this season? Well, we’re shedding some light on that right here! Colour blocking is still a very popular trend this summer.
Opting for a single coloured tunic with a contrasting clutch which is also blocked is a great idea! Pastels as always are the shades of summer, florals continue to be in fashion and are great for picnics or outings with your kids. On the accessories front, what is really working is statement head pieces or headbands. They just brighten up any outfit and are a very cute trend this summer. Jumpers are also very ‘in’ this season, safari prints and colour blcoked pieces are the height of summer joie! View our collection and select the perfects outfits for this summer !

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