Gift an unforgettable meal experience to your loved one

In this fast mad world, very often we forget to connect with the people that really matter. The best way to make up for lost time is to have a great meal together.

As someone once said:

“One of the nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating”

The best way to spend a quality evening with someone close to you is by gifting them a meal! Yes, that is a possibility now. Here are a few great places to have an enjoyable experience with your loved ones:


1. The Glass House- Bangalore: 

The glass house, situated in Bangalore is an inspirational  European restaurant whose quest is to be the leader in food experience  and night-life. The Glass House serves European cuisine from across  the globe using organic, local and sustainably sourced produce. Be ready to lick your fingers and give in to the food pleasure.

2. Dum Phukt- ITC New Delhi: 

Dum Pukht thrives in the metropolitan city of Delhi which mixes the modern styles of living with the traditional cooking that includes the usage of handi’s and food being cooked on slow fire. The restaurant with blue-white themed tables and crockery, makes it the best place to venture when on a fun-filled agenda of having a fine dining experience with your loved ones.

3. Salt Water Cafe- Mumbai:

Salt Water Café, a contemporary and timeless European café serves fresh breakfast, lunch, dinner and all-day menus allowing refined eating in a casual ambience. So sit back and sip your sangrias and beers while you enjoy this new and delicious 3-course meal.

4. Cherie One Qutub:

Situated in the shadows of the Qutub Minar, Cheri is a restaurant that brings alive the romance of France. Cherie is seamlessly blending influences of a bistro settings and any jazz club settings. This restaurant forms the basis of our existence and food preferences today. Share this beautiful history with your loved ones!

To know more about such great restaurants visit TODAY!

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