Father's day gift guide: Top 5 gifts your dad will love

Father’s Day Gift Guide: 5 gifts your dad will love

Fathers’ day is just around the corner and we have congregated some thoughtful, relaxing, fun and classy gifts for dad to gift on Father’s day.

Dad, daddy, father, paa, papa, appa, walid whatever you call him or address him as the meaning, relation and the emotion you share with him remains the same. In your childhood days, he might have been a strict person in the entire family or someday be your superhero who used to fix all your problem and someday might have been your best buddy. Out of all the roles, dad has played we bet the dad’s role has been your super favorite.

To appreciate this role we have this day celebrated as Father’s day across the globe. This year father’s day falls on 17th June 2018. For you to make the most of it and express all the love and care we have picked 5 gift ideas to surprise your dad.

5 gifts your dad will love

1. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

This tiny little thing has made people fall in love. Echo is a speaker that is controlled by your voice. Its unique functionality of being hand free makes it one of the popular technology across the globe. It’s a cloud-based voice service to make calls, check news, weather, sports, play music, set alarms, control smart home devices and much more.

This is a boon for people who not that tech savvy, as after the configuration you just have to use voice. Cool gift, isn’t it?

2. An arrangement of yellow lilies and roses with a bottle of wine

Wine Hamper for Father's day
Wine Hamper for Father’s day

Gifting wine is a gesture to express love and respect. Wine is a very warming gift for someone who likes to sip luxury and some flowers to make their mood fresh and cheerful.

3. Mr. Bureberry EDT for Men

Mr. Bureberry EDT Men for Dad
Mr. Bureberry EDT Men for Dad

This present speaks or conveys that Dad, you are above all superheroes from the movies and any pageant holder. You are My Superhero. Bureberry is a well known lifestyle brand. Highlight: order from Tajonline and get 50% off (price already slashed, no codes are required).

4. Assortment of Dates

Assorted Dry fruits for Father's day
Assorted Dry fruits for Father’s day

I staying healthy is his motto then we highly recommend this. A healthy gift option, dates, known for his health benefits and its naturally sweet taste is a perfect gift option for Dad. Find this assorted box with Tamar Arabica – Coffee flavored crushed dates rolls, Tamar Khaleeji Omani – dates with dry fruits and Tamar Crunch – Dates & roasted nuts. One can select the box size with total no. of pieces f 15, 21 and 28.

5. Raymond gift voucher

Raymond Gift Voucher
Raymond Gift Voucher

One of the popular brand, Raymond, known for an ensemble of finest fabrics and ready-made garments for men. We are sure the first brand to pop your mind when you think of men’s apparel brand is or has to be this one. If gifting luxury is your motto, then go for this piece.

Our father’s day gift guide is just a glance at what’s trending and something which is relevant and of use. Tell us how did you like our gift ideas for father’s day. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Happy Father’s Day!

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