Innovative Gifting Ideas for Diwali

When you think of Diwali, just one thing comes to mind- GIFTS! Diwali in India, is like Christmas in America; you will find people buying new things, gifting each other goodies and celebrating the festivities together. Diwali is very rightly called the “Festival of Lights”. The festival got that name because it represents victory of good over evil, and everyone celebrates the return of Lord Ram by lighting diyas and bursting fire crackers.

During Diwali everybody is giving gifts to each other and in the sea of gifts, it’s great if your gift can stand out from all the others. The way your gift is presented can make a big impression on the receiver and it will be remembered. Besides giving dry fruits and mithaais, some other great gifts for diwali are:


1. Decorative Diyas and Thalis:

This product is now making great trends in the market with many people gifting diyas, candles to their loved ones. Diwali, besides being the most loved festival is also a very traditional one. The use of diyas, candles, lanterns and thalis is huge in Diwali, so gifting your loved ones these items would be very thoughtful.

2. Gift Vouchers:

These would make a very unconventional gift for Diwali, but would definitely be remembered by relatives and loved ones as a gift voucher gives them the choice to buy whatever they please. A  gift voucher of their favourite store and you will be their most favourite relative or friend forever.

3. Gold and Silver coins: 

Diwali is considered to be a very auspicious day in the year, and right before Diwali, the festival of Lakshmi pooja is celebrated. Goddess Lakshmi represents the goddess of wealth, and gifting gold and silver coins to loved ones is a good way of showering them with good wishes.

4. Gift Hampers:

Gift Hampers have started to become a big hit in the recent times and being a receiver of a gift hamper will definitely put a smile to your face for days. Spread a smile across your loved ones’ face and gift them a gift hamper this Diwali for them to have a Diwali to remember.

Along with all the above, a well decorated box of chocolates or mithaais will make their Diwali a sweet memory, literally. The biggest tip for this festive season is, that no matter what you gift, have it delivered impeccably and you will win hearts forever!

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