Diwali Gifting- Across all ages.

Diwali is the festival of lights and new beginnings. During the festive season of Diwali everyone cleans their homes, offices, cars and discard old possessions to make place for new products. Diwali is all about getting together with family and exchanging gifts, having a feast and burning lanterns and crackers.Giving gifts is not restricted to just the adults of the family, it involves each and everyone from all age groups.


1. Gifting Ideas for Grandma and Grandpa:

They are what holds the family together and help us understand every ritual that takes place in all our Indian festivals. Most grandparents are traditional and choosing a gift for them isn’t very difficult. Almost all grandparents love the traditional mithaais that are made during Diwali and the dry fruits that go perfectly well with it. Give them a beautiful exquisite bouquet along with a lovely box of mithaais and dry fruits, and you will definitely be giving them a reason to smile through Diwali.

2. Gifting Ideas for the Adults:

Adults would include all the aunties, uncles, office colleagues, parents, your boss!! Impressing them with awesome gifts would definitely go a long way. The range of gifts you can gift them are also of a wide range so lets segregate this section by gender. Getting gifts for women is fairly easy as the market is just MADE FOR THEM… Right from Kitchen appliances,home decor to Cosmetics and spa hampers, the variety of gifts you can give is endless. Depending on the relationship you share, you can select a perfect gift. For instance, if you’ve heard your mother complaining about that juicer getting spoilt, surprise her with a brand new juicer and light up her Diwali. For Men however, giving a gift is always very difficult with such little choice. But depending on the person’s personality, you can give him the gift you know he would LOVE. For instance, if you know your male boss loves reading, and if your budget allows it, gift him a Kindle and prepare for your promotion. *wink wink*

3. Gifting Ideas for Children:

CHOCOLATES would be the best best best gift you can give to any child, specially if it is not your child. If you’re the aunt or uncle and are wondering what to give your niece or nephew, without thinking twice spoil them rotten with great melt-in-your-mouth messy chocolates. Along with that, depending on their age you can gift them a barbie doll set or hot wheel tracks and be their best uncle/aunt for life!!

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