Creative gifting ideas for your Teacher

Teacher! Who is a teacher? A teacher is someone who teaches you, mentors you and guides you, not only in an educational institute but in life. A teacher is someone who can be your friend, enrich your soul and make you rational.

How often have we stopped and thought about what a teacher does for us and in return how we live up to their expectations? Well, this is the time of the year when we can show our appreciation and admiration towards them. Teacher’s day is coming and it’s the perfect time for you to gift them amazing presents.

It could be a difficult task to find a perfect gift for your teacher but not exactly impossible. Here are a few ideas of gifts you could give your teacher:


1) Little Saplings/ Plants: Little saplings are a symbol of a new life and growth. Just like how a gardener takes care of their plants, a teacher looks after her student. A plant is a perfect gift as it perfectly represents a teacher-student relationship, in which just like the plant, a student grows well when nurtured well.

2) Pens: A pen symbolises knowledge, creativity and the strength of wisdom. Since time immemorial man has tried to express his thoughts in paintings and writing, and a pen is a tool of power and is very useful in the profession of teaching. Every time your teacher will write with your pen, she will remember you.

3) Bookmarks: The biggest asset to a teacher’s life is a book. Be it a novel, a notebook or a textbook, you will seldom see a teacher without a book in hand. With the different types of fancy bookmarks in the market these days, a bookmark is a great gift to give a teacher.

4) Pen stands: This is one of the most useful gifts you can present to your teacher. Every teacher uses pens and it’s a brilliant idea if the teacher’s favourite pens are kept together in one place in a decorative stand.

5) Printed Mugs: Printed/Personalised mugs are very much in trend these days and they make amazing gifts for your teacher. Mugs with quotes and proverbs encrypted on them adds a personal touch to it and makes the gift more personal and unique. A funky mug can also work as a great pen stand.

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