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Conquer The Distance With Love (And Our Ideas) – Make Your Anniversary Special!

People say that distance deepens love, but the ones living through the distance know that it is not as easy at seems. The feeling of a personal touch can never compare to all the gifts and worldly pleasures. Gifts and trinkets may only do so much, but we do get your need to make your presence felt in their heart especially on a day like your anniversary.

So here we give you some of our little tips and tricks to make sure that that special person in your life feels your love even from miles away.

1)  ‘Different Shades Of Love’ Bouquet: 

Flowers are a classic. But for this special bouquet all you have to do is order a colourful bouquet. And now, take a personal picture of you with each different color flower in hand and write one word for the feeling it generates in you for your beloved. Send this lovely little collection to them on mail. While the flowers reach them and remind them of your love, this little gesture will remind them of all the little things that you love about them.



2) Little light works

We know you think lanterns and candles are totally passé and only meant for festivals but hear us out. A beautiful basket of selected candles or sky & light lanterns can be the perfect way of telling that someone special that they are the reason for the light in your life, no? After all, who doesn’t love some super pretty lights!




3) Small Shiny Reasons

Gift them a special little bracelet with an array of diamonds but before you send this little trinket off, count the number of diamonds in the bracelet. Now write down at least one reason for each diamond as to why your love makes you smile and send this either on mail, or preferably on a card delivered through the post. No matter how bad your writing may be but the card will make it to the locker of their heart




4) The Family Blowout 

Send out a gift for her to all your common friends, their best friends and relatives and tell them to attach a small card with one reason written for why they think you are an awesome couple. Now instruct all of them to surprise her on the day of your anniversary. With so many relatives and friend to keep her company, s/he will only miss you a little less and be completely thrown off by all the love that they receive on your special day.





5) The Small Nuances

This is for the ones who love their partner’s small habits and their minute details. Gather up a basket of small pieces that you feel define your lover’s daily routines. For example, gift them a coaster to remind them that you love your hardwood dining table just as much as they love their coffee.




While these are only ideas, nothing spells love more than your own little love spell. So go wild with ideas, (steal ours if you want) and make sure that your loved ones never feel the distance fading your love!




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