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Colorful Home Decor Ideas, for a bright summer!

Let The Sun Shine Inside Your Home too, this summer go bright with colorful home decor Ideas:

Home is always the place where you can relax and just let go, no matter what the season may be.Bring in the brightness of colors into your house with these little ideas and you will find the brightness and energy flowing around you in no time.


1 ) Small Collection Of Artifacts :
Every one spends a lot of effort in making their drawing room as welcoming as possible and the decor idea that we have for you is the kind that is suitable for small and big rooms alike. So nothing can serve the purpose better than the beautiful terracotta vases in this wooden mount. The little pots hand-painted to perfection arranged tastefully in a brown wooden frame speak of not just brightness but sophistication too. You can get this beautiful piece here



2) Precious Collection Of Coasters :

The next area that comes to mind is the dining area. Beautiful handcrafted coasters that look like they were especially made for your dining table are something everyone should buy and flaunt. And we have just the set for you here


These coasters are a collection of paintings made from real crushed gemstones that make the paintings look alive and lustrous on your tab


3) The Combination Of Nostalgia And Art :
If love the old world charm and love to flaunt it then this idea is for you. A small combination of beautifully crafted wood with works of colourful clay, this letter holder has an amazing nostalgic air to it. It also doubles up as a key-holder making it a very eccentric gift for any housewarming party.



4) The Wall of Memories:

A different collection of fancy photo frames each with a frozen special memory of your happy times! It’ll not only add that glam to your house interiors but also constantly remind you of your loved ones.

http://www.tajonline.com/gifts-to-india/gifts-PSG214.html or http://www.tajonline.com/gifts-to-india/gifts-PSG207.html


5) Your Personal Slice Of Heaven :
On those days when you just want to cuddle up in your quilt with a cup of coffee at hand. These are the moments you want to slow life down and gather up happy and bright thoughts. Well, for those times we suggest you light up a candle in this gorgeous candle holder. When the light inside this candle holder is reflected off the mirror and metal work, it creates an ambiance that is bright and peaceful.



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