Celebrate This Ramadan With Our Special Gifts

Celebrate This Ramadan With Our Special Gifts

The holy month of Ramadan has already started and a lot of buzz and happiness is prevalent in the Muslim community. And why not? It’s arguably their most important festival which spans for a whole month. Just imagine, one festival for a complete month, now that’s something seriously desirable!!

Although the entire month is cherished like anything, the best part comes at the last day of the festival, the decorations of which, resembles nothing less than a full-blown marriage ceremony in itself.

We know that you might have been planning a great deal for the festival, the entire month as well as the last day celebrations, we’re here not to be just a part of your happiness, but if possible, to enhance it as well with our selection of Ramadan Eid gifts.

Listed below are the best gifts for Ramadan month:

1. Eid Mubarak

The wish “Eid Mubarak” engraved on an edible dark couverture surrounded by 12 exquisite chocolates in fruit n nut, cashew, butterscotch, almond was our way of spicing things up. We thought of doing something a little extra to the traditional chocolate packs and came up with this pack of edible wishes.

This Eid, inspite of just wishing Eid Mubarak, do it with this chocolate in your hands, which is sure to double the pleasure of your wishes.

2. Taj Mahal cushion and chocolates

Taj Mahal, a symbol of love, so that whenever you’re with your loved ones, it floats automatically in the air. This gift for Ramadan contains a digital Taj Mahal imprinted cushion, a 100 gms box of homemade chocolates and a 2.5 inches high scented candle. Just perfect for any moment let alone the special occasion, right!!

3. Bed of roses

People might call it a pair of bangles but we like to term it as the bed of roses. The thing is, we just came up with something in “Love takes time and effort. It takes investment of emotion and feelings. Give a little today and life will be a bed of roses” and attached the name to this gift idea. Now we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want to disagree on the name, at the very least.

A slim pair of pearl and gold-plated bangles could just be the gift for Ramadan you might have been looking for your beloved, this whole time. Although we’re not so sure about you, one thing that we can say is, this is bound to bring a big smile on your lady love’s face.

4. Royal Pink Sigma Door Curtains

The reason we included curtains in our list is because apart from being a very elegant gift idea and a perfect room décor piece, it has a lot of pros to look forward to.

  • Eyelet loops for easy hanging
  • No color fading
  • It’s machine washable in cold water and ironable at low temperature
  • Available in multiples sizes

5. Yarn Dyed Blue & Pink Check Shirt

If you’re a lady searching for something classy yet elegant for your man, this could be that perfect surprise you’d want him to open. Apart from being laced with Yarn dyed check cotton, it can be perfect for any evening, be it an occasion/festival, an office party or just another evening with you two dining out somewhere.

All of these Ramadan gifts are available online as we offer alluring gifts for Ramadan.

Let us know in comments below, how you felt about our Ramadan Eid gifts suggestions.

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