Baby Shower Gifting

We are always excited to attend a baby shower ! Who isn’t actually? Everyone’s happily greeting the new to be parents, discussing old stories of their childhood, giving advises and lots more. But have you ever thought what gift should be the perfect one for the to be parents and what they would appreciate the most? There are certain things that parents find extremely helpful and appreciate the most so it’s best to have an idea of what they prefer before buying gifts for a baby shower. Mentioned below are useful gifting options:


Baby Books & Gift certificates: Parents love collecting books for the baby , so that once the baby grows they have ample of story books , educational visual and sound books for the baby to read on .Easier and most appreciated gift by the parents is gift certificates. You can always give Mom and me store vouchers , or suitable shop vouchers where baby products are available.

Diapers & Bathing Hampers: Gifting diapers for the baby is indeed a very good option. It’s the most helpful thing for parents when they have a new born at home. But make sure you gift size for the new born and the next size too as babies grow fast. Bathing hampers including shampoos , bath gels, soaps, oil and cartoon shaped sponges make a great gift.

Bedding and Blankets : Colorful bedding and blankets for the newborn are always welcomed gifts. However to add a sentimental touch , hand woven ones by relatives of grandparents make a perfect gift.

Strollers , Walkers & Carriers : Such gifts usually close family and friends gift on a baby shower since they are quite expensive. However if you are a group of friends gifting together you can always gift a stroller for the baby . But always find out if the parents have already planned to buy it or if someone else is gifting the same thing.

Infant toys : Lastly you can always consider gifting innovative infant toys with sound and which also have a learning experience to it.

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