Awesome Gifting Ideas in $5 or less

The entire concept of gifting in $5 or less is to give a gift to someone you care about without it pinching your pocket. An gift is never measured by price but by the feelings and thoughts put in by a person while gifting it. However, if you’ve ever noticed, it is these budget friendly gifts that touch your heart more than a very expensive watch would. A budget friendly gift generally always has more sentimental value to it.


A few gifting ideas pocket friendly gifts ideas would be:

1) Candles: Whether they are tea lights, big, small, scented or unscented, candles always make a great gift as it exhibits softness, sensuality and love. If it is your Husband’s birthday, or just for no reason at all light a few candles in the evening and make a romantic candle light dinner out of it and it would be a night to remember.

2) Essential Oils: Essential oils are said to be therapeutic and great stress busters and are very pocket friendly. It helps with depression, muscle spasms, anxiety, and not only that, adding a few drops while preparing a face mask or cream is used for beauty purposes too. Gift one today to someone who is not having such a great day or your mother to calm her nerves.

3) Cards: One of the oldest gifts ever available are cards that have been the best way to express ones’ feelings. Cards, specially with ready-made greetings printed on them are now available in such a large variety that you just need to go to a store and see what fits you best.

4) Personalized Gifts: Personalized gifts could be anything right from a printed pillow with your favourite picture or quote or it could be a special painting made by you. Anything that would remind the receiver of the gift about you, is a personalised gifts. As most gifts include just simple printed articles, they are extremely pocket friendly.


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