Myths about Valentine gifts

7 Myths About Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what you all could see is mall and stores flooded with gifts, flowers, clothes, heart-shaped stuff, etc. It’s like entering the store, look around and all the red and heart things are ready to attack and jump in your shopping basket.

These shopkeepers are all set to bluff you with red and pink items and make you buy the same thing every year. But little that you know about Valentine’s day and the myth around it.

7 myths about Valentine’s Day Gifts

  • Myth 1
    Making your own Valentine’s day gift is cheap
    Buying Valentine gifts are little expensive, no doubt! What people suggest is to go for DIY Valentine gifts as they say its cheap.

Fact: When you buy crafts and gift items to make a valentine hamper it costs you almost the same or in fact more than that. It takes a lot of time which you can utilize to plan something more or to dress up.

  • Myth 2
    Gift Red on Valentine
    Red is the color of love, true! But not the only color.

Fact: Everything red is boring and sometimes irritating to eyes. Gift your partner the color they love or a combination of some.

  • Myth 3
    There is a pattern to follow on Valentine’s Day.
    It’s not a ritual that one needs to follow. No books have the right or best way mentioned.

Fact: There are loads of different ways and style of celebrating love and valentine’s day. The best style is your style. You can take suggestions and ideas and add your own touch and creativity to it.

  • Myth 4:
    Men do not like DIY or homemade gifts
    Guys love homemade gifts and food as it has something extra that is your magic.

Fact: Try and understand your guy’s likes and dislikes. If your guy loves only branded things then this is applicable. So it selectively applicable.

  • Myth 5
    Ladies want you to gift them something sexy
    Well, thanks to all those guys magazine to write all these things. But, not all girls prefer sexy or naughty gift items. Some like cute gifts, some like romantic.

Fact: A gift given by heart and intention to shower all love is everything she wants.

  • Myth 6
    Roses are red, Violets are blue
    Yeah, like seriously? It’s nothing more than an old-school rhyme. You do not necessarily have to try and impress her with those¬†cliche lines, cards or some romantic quotes you found on the internet.

Fact: Few not so romantic or poetic lines will not define your love. Just do not miss to say the three magical words ‘I Love You’. This will wave the magic and spread the love.

  • Myth 7

Your partner is awaiting your proposal on Valentine’s Day with a ring.

These Bollywood movies have made us think that way. In fact, break this rule as its too obvious for her to predict.

Fact: Valentine proposal is little boring. Propose her a week early or a day later with a line that this was the best valentine’s day I could ever have. Please be my valentine for life.
So now that you know all these were the myth, go and celebrate the Loveday your way and add your creativity to it and send Valentine gifts to India which your partner like and not what everyone is buying.

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