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6 Out-of-the-box things to do, this Christmas!

Joy and happiness, love and laughter, Christmas a time for giving. Giving more than you have! Giving with love and care. Spreading peace and contentment. It’s the time of hope & faith and some magic!

“The best present for any Christmas would be, a family all snuggled and wrapped up in each other around a Christmas tree” True, isn’t it. That mistletoe on the tree, freshly baked cupcakes in the air, flowers, ribbons cakes & carols, with kids running around in excitement!
The best way to celebrate Christmas is undoubtedly a cozy evening with your loved ones! It’s all about having a good time with family and friends.
Though it sounds cliched, it’s true!


However, This Christmas we have come up with a list of super cool out-of-the-box things to do with your loved ones! So what are you waiting for? Merry Reading ;)

1.) Secret Santa Themed Party

A special party hosted for all the family members and friends wherein the guests are expected to bring unisex gifts. In such a group, a person is randomly assigned to gift someone unknown from the family. It’s exciting and fun and at the same time thrilling.

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2.)Get Away!

A Holiday or a vacation is the perfect getaway for this Season. People want to have the perfect atmosphere and ambiance and at ease with their family somewhere calm and relaxing. It’s an exceptional idea to be at a hill station or a beach with family and just enjoy the soothing vibrancy of nature at its best.




3.) Who doesn’t love food!

Any festival or get-together honestly is all about good, savory meals. After all, who doesn’t love food? People love to cherish the spirit of Christmas with delicacies and desserts like cakes and cookies. It’s the best time to give your family a hearty treat at one of the finest restaurants in town or of course, family hogging sessions on chocolate cakes, plum cakes & cookies!


4.)Tickets to Fun!

Besides Christmas, December is a time for a lot of concerts, events & really cool exhibitions, wine tasting & food curation events! Whatever be their passion – food, music or just some random fun! Your loved ones will be over the moon if you gift them tickets to plays or events happening around the town.



5.)Musical Notes

Carol singing is a very special part of Christmas. And this is a lot more fun when done with friends & family. This Christmas make it more fun by holding a Carol singing competition among friends & family! Or you can make it all the more fun by adding a Karaoke session to it! So go ahead, explore your vocal talents ;)



6.) Creating Memories

This day is the perfect day to get together with loved ones and share your memories and experiences with the whole family. It can be made fun and exciting by creating a mini-movie & capturing some special moments of the family.

To make it more fun, each person can dress up as one Christmas related character or you can even decide on a colored theme. Click pictures or make a video you’ll have a collection of memories for your future generations to come!


Now that you have the list, bookmark it & plan your Christmas eve! In case you cannot do either of these with your loved ones because they are far apart, We have Christmas gifts that’ll show you are close at heart, that shows you care! GIFT NOW – http://www.tajonline.com/occasion/major-occasion/christmas.html


Btw, Merry Christmas Folks!



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