5 Resolutions every woman must take this Year!

New Year, New Me! A very common phrase that we get to listen to when the New Year arrives! Many people decide on a bunch of New Year resolutions that will help them be a better person. Over here, we have some of the best ones especially for women.


1.) Exercising.

We think we all women have faced that moment in our lives when we wanted that perfect figure, toned body, tall posture, etc. but we never were able to get it. Everyone has been a target of body shaming and as much as we have loathed it, somewhere deep down, we really did wish for that body. So what do we do? We wake up early in the morning and resolve to work hard to get the shape that we want. Because hard work pays well and nothing in this life comes easy.




2.)Spending more time with family.

Yes, you read it right! Usually we have a list of people that we have to attend to, that we want to meet with. But in all this hustle and bustle we forget about those important people in our lives who’ve always been there for us. Our families form the back bone of our lives and it’s important to show them how much we love them, no matter what.





3.)Giving time to yourself 
Often, in our life times we have come across that moment when everything around us seems like a sad black and white movie. There’s no motivation to get up in the morning, no stimulation to eat right, no thrill in the most exciting jobs that we have and no enjoyment with our loved ones. With all the stress and mundane routine, we do not know where to go or what to do. In that case, it becomes essential for us to rewind and relax. Devoting time to ourselves is nothing but a boon when we indulge in things that help us brighten our mood. Whether it’s taking a walk in the woods, reading a good book, spending time in that lousy lil café or even cooking for ourselves, such things should be done more often.






4.) Follow your heart!
This year, take an oath to do what you want instead of falling into the pressures of others. Your girlfriends will persuade you to buy that dress worth a fortune that’s not necessary and your aunts will tell you to cook sweets when you really have a taste for spices. Take chances, say no and believe in yourself! It’s okay to not like that job and it’s okay to have a yearning heart full of passion. It’s okay to dream big and it’s okay to stand up for what you believe in! You don’t owe anybody perfection!






5.)Travel the World!

Sure, we could have the best of educations and the best of knowledge with amazing jobs but we shouldn’t fail to recognize that there’s so much to this world. There are so many places to go , new people to meet & languages to learn! It’ll be an ultra enriching experience for your soul & in the process you’ll make so many new friends & new experiences gained.

Just pick a place , plan the itinerary pack your bags & GET SET GO! An additional bonus will be learn the language if not the whole at least the basic slang phrases. Bon Voyage.







So what are you waiting for? Ladies, It’s time to rock the new year!



Image credits: Giphy & Tumblr


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