5 Popular trendy engagement gifts ideas

Gifting somebody an engagement gift can be a tricky situation. It’s not same as a birthday present because it’s for a couple, not an individual and has to be well thought out to be suitable for both. Then again, there’s a question of whether to go the traditional way or get quirky with the gifts. The key to a good engagement gift is to give exactly what the couple needs and may use up before the wedding or simply give them what will survive even after the wedding. So here are a few ideas that could help you in selecting the best gift : 

Gift of time: Watches are among the most traditional gifts for a couple. A number of brands offer couple watches of all kinds – gold-plated, leather-strapped, metal, big and small dials, etc. And if you don’t like the selection of couple watches, you can buy two separate ones and pair them up yourself.
Memories: No you can’t gift memories. What we’re talking about are ways to preserve them. Make a beautiful album with their pictures from the time they first met to the time they started dating and include a picture from the day he/she proposed or the engagement ceremony. Another idea is to gift a beautiful photo frame with one of their best moment. Better yet, simply create a collage and get it framed. 

Gift an experience: These aren’t as traditional, yet they are gaining immense popularity these days. Nothing is more romantic and bonding than a day of relaxation with your loved ones. Massage, shower, steam…the evening just gets more and more luxurious by the hour. Spa vouchers can be pricey but it is worth every penny. Besides, you can chose from a variety of packages from various salons, centres or resorts. Many spa centres offer couple rejuvenation vouchers. Experiences can also be an adventurous. 

Personalized Gifting:  There is nothing better than a gift that reminds the couple of their special day. Include photos of the day, the engagement date, cakes, engagements rings and other such things imprinted on coasters, frames, show piece, mugs, key chains , beam bags or t-shirts. 



Cakes & Flowers:  If you’re not very close to the couple , the least you can do is gift them a beautiful bouquet or if you are aware of what cake they are planning for the engagement, get that ordered for the special day as a gift to them. 



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