5 Interesting Gift Ideas for Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan being the most popular festival in India , it is celebrated with lot of traditions joy and glory. Raksha bandhan is a unique festival since it acknowledges relationship, bonding, love , affection between brothers and sisters. On this day brothers give a gift to their sisters as part of the tradition. So gifting plays a very crucial part and thus it can be difficult for brother’s to decide on a gift for Rakhi. However, if siblings live away from eachother, sisters also send gifts to brothers for this auspicious occasion. 

  1. If you are very close to your sibling then gifting expensive items like electronics should not be a problem. Today’s generation is very fond of latest smart phones, tablets and lots more. You can send your sibling the latest cell phone that they have been awaiting. 
  2. Gift certificates are a very safe and most opted for as a gift. If you are not sure of what your sibling really likes or has been waiting for then giving them a gift certificate of their favourite store will surely make them happy and keep you worry free. 
  3. How about gifting them something memorable which they can preserve?  Make a beautiful album with yours and their childhood pictures to the latest ones.  Another idea is to gift a beautiful photo frame with one of  your best moment with them. Better yet, simply create a collage and get it framed. For more options you can their favourite picture personalized on keychains, t-shirts, beam bags, clocks and lots more.
  4. Apparel and accessories are a very easy option to gift sisters. You can always send them apparel or a set of jewelry. Watches can be given to both brothers and sisters keeping their taste in mind. Gifting their favourite perfume is always a good option. 
  5. Lastly , there are many websites which come up with customised gourmet gift hampers for brothers and sisters. They also have traditional hampers which include sweets, pooja thaali and rakhis. 


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