5 Innovative New Year Gift Ideas That Are Not Chocolates

New Year is the time that heralds new beginnings. This is also the time when everyone wants to spoil their loved ones with gifts. After all, the New Year bonus comes in handy while your family and friends make their own list of gifts. While most of you may be completely content with gifting the same age old chocolates and cakes for this occasion, why don’t you try something that is a little more than just sweets and calories as a New gifting tradition this year?

And as we help you with our ideas of gifting it will give you the added bonus of not feeling guilty about gifting those unhealthy calories either. So let’s begin :

1) Sportswear : While everyone else may be gifting your friends heavy-duty calories, you can inspire them with this healthy gift. Send them a voucher for sportswear and gear from here and watch them go all out for you for this thoughtful gesture.




2) Ganesh Idols : A brand new year should have a supremely auspicious beginning. And what is more auspicious than the idols of the lord of all good beginnings, Lord Ganesh. Figure out the most beautiful idols according to your taste and wish your friends and auspicious and lucky new year.




3) For The Musical Year : If your friend is the one who just can not resist a good tune, then this  can be the perfect gift for him. It may certainly be difficult to keep and maintain a musical instrument, but this little trinket and its likes will make sure that they are reminded of the sweetness of your relationship.




4) The Shot-Stars : This gift is not for the faint hearted. If you think your special friend can handle a little adventure when it comes to gifts, then bestow them with a special collection of quirky shot-glasses can be skull-shaped or bullet-shaped some of them also come with a spinner that makes great prop for group drinking parties! Believe us when we say that these will make it to their display counters at the first go.




5) New Decor : If you feel that all of the above is just too adventurous and you want to go for something that is a classic then we have just the right thing for you. Gift your loved ones a beautiful little side table or lamp with colourful designs and motifs. While the traditional look will make it a unique gift, the usability factor will make it even more special.





 Btw, Happy New Year Guys! :)

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