5 hot valentine’s day games you would want to play with your spouse

It is Valentine’s day and gifts and dinner should not be the only way that one should celebrate this day of love. While expressive love in innovative ways is important on this day, making love innovative ways is just as important. So here we have listed down some very interesting ideas for you to try out with your partner and connect with them at a new level. Read and figure out new ways of getting some innovative action with them.


1. Spin the bottle : As simple as it may sound, this is a new way of figuring out what your partner wants to have in bed. Whoever gets the “it” part of the bottle has to do a sexy bidding for the other and if they fail then they have to take off one piece of their clothing.


2. Blind Fold Guess : In this game, one partner blind folds the other and touches them with various sexy objects, like a flower, feather, silk cloth, or lingerie. If the blind folded one gets 4 out of 5 right, they win. No guesses for the prize!


3. Race Of The Senses : This is like a treasure hunt where each partner hides 5 different sexy items or toys n the house and whoever finds all the 5 items first, wins, and gets to use them on the other.


4. Ladder And Snake : Rules are simple, ladders you go up, snakes a clothing piece comes down. It may ruin the childhood game for some but the adult fun can’t get better than this.


5. Strip Monopoly : Finally, this game is the easiest and not to mention the sexiest to play. Use your usual monopoly rules; only difference is that you play to buy each clothing item that our spouse has worn. All clothes off, and you will have a perfect score.


So try them all but do remember, you both will win the night ;)

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