5 gifting ideas for your brother

With Raksha Bandhan right round the corner every sister must be wondering what can they possibly gift their brother, so that the brother gets impressed and buys them a better gift!! So, here are a few gifting ideas for all the sisters out there that will give your brother no option but to gift you that Michael  Kors bag you always wanted.


1) Personalized Gifts

Raksha Bandhan represents the love between a brother and a sister the one time a brother and sister express their love for each other in the year. Gifting your brother a personalized gift like a photo frame, key chain or even a personalized magnet, will be a constant reminder to him of the love you share.

2) Watches

A classy, stylish watch goes for every occasion. It looks amazing and sophisticated as well. A brother will always adore a classy watch given to him and will always wear it with pride.

3) Photo frames

Memories are meant to be cherished. And a great way to preserve and cherish them with elegant or funky photo frames. Photo frames are available now in different shapes, sizes, kinds, and are very reasonable. A great picture in a great photo frame will make a gift your brother would always cherish and be reminded of you all the time.

4) Pens

One of the most unique gifts that you can present to your brother is a personalized pen. A pen with his own name written on it looks lavishing and is one of the most innovative gift items ever.

5) Phone Covers

A phone cover has become a big trend these days. There are so many various ways to dress your phone up and accessorize it the way you want. This would make as a great gift, as just the way a phone case protects the phone, the sister will always protect her brother in the same manner and the gift will be a constant reminder of the same.


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