13 Gift ideas that are better than flowers

13 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Better Than Flowers

With around 100s of gift options available for Mother’s day online and offline, there are these cliche gifts that rule the Mother’s day gift ideas list leaving Moms to receive same flower bouquet every year.

Flowers are like the add-ons, which happen to make another gift more surprising. Leaving no space of choice we gift the add-on, but forget to get the main surprise element which is the unique gift for Mom.

We would recommend some best selling gifts which would leave your mom spellbound.

1. Classy Bracelet

Classy Bracelet For Mother's Day
Classy Bracelet For Mother’s Day

The metal could be of her choice be it silver, gold or platinum. For those hands which have taken care of you since you little deserves an appreciation. A loud shout out which will scream’ I Love You Mom’ every time she will wear it or when she touches or sees it. To add more love to it, you can personalize it with he name engraved on it or with ‘Love you, Mom’ line.

2. Gift Card

Gift Card For Mother's Day
Gift Card For Mother’s Day

They say when someone has no time to select a gift they go for flowers. In the new era of the digital world, gift cards or vouchers are a boon who can’t decide on the present to give. Also, who do not have the time or looking for some last minute presents. This option is as smart as our new generation which takes away all the crawling time of finding a present as well as show how trendy and stylish they are when it comes to giving a useful present. This option lets the mom choose her own favorite thing.

3. Luxury Fragrance

Luxury Fragrance For Mom's Day
Luxury Fragrance For Mom’s Day

For all those blood sweat she has put behind making you what you are today needs to be pampered with luxury gifts. The fruity and flowery fragrance will spread all the love and message you want to convey to her.

4. Mom and Daughter Pendant Necklace

Mom and Daughter Pendant Necklace
Mom and Daughter Pendant Necklace

For all the daughters who are the other half or the reflection of their mom, we would highly recommend you to surprise her with a charming mom-daughter pendant necklace. It is trendy yet has a nostalgic touch to it. Unfold all the love and bond you share with your mum with this cute pendant.

5. Colorful Apparel

Moms Apparel
Moms Apparel

We have on life but for sure lots of days to dress up and flaunt our beauty. For the mom who is reserved and hasn’t tried bold colors in her life so far, for someone who is shy to explore the new trends, for the funk and outgoing who never tried a traditional piece, amaze them! Let this day be her day of going back to childhood days where playing around with new apparel stuff, mismatch and colors were fun.

6. Tea Gift Set

Tea Gift Set
Tea Gift Set

If she is a tea lover then flavored tea of different places would really excite her and add to her experience list. Tea lovers are just like wine lovers, they have their own way of having tea and with every sip, they learn and grow their knowledge about the taste and the flavor.

7. Gift An Experience

Gift An Experience on Mother's Day
Gift An Experience on Mother’s Day

If you think she already has everything and there’s nothing left to surprise her. We suggest you go with experience gifts somethings she has never tried or experimented or something she loves to do every now and then. It could be a helicopter ride, pass for any cooking class or makeup session. She will be pleased with this present.

8. DIY Kits

DIY Kits For Mom
DIY Kits For Mom

This trending thing- Do It Yourself is not just for kids but is also very helpful and loved by the moms and grannies. How about knitting kit, candle making kit, homemade soap making box, DIY card stencils and craft supplies, jewelry making kit or be it paper flower making supplies. She can utilize her time by doing these activities or could take up as a hobby now. This idea will let her explore her hidden talent which she can convert into a business as well.

9. Colorful Kitchen Tools & Appliances

Colorful Kitchen Tools & Accessories
Colorful Kitchen Tools & Accessories

Image source: Alux
Gone are the days where plain steel and black color used to rule the kitchen. Now with so many colorful options available, you can help her redesign her kitchen with colorful pan set, new trendy appliances and beautifully printed or engraved dinner set.

10. Elegant Watch

Elegant Watch For Moms Day
Elegant Watch For Moms Day

Image source: Tiffany
This watch will speak ‘Now it’s your time Mommy’! For all those personal time you spent behind us fixing all the troubles we made as a kid or as an adult. We want you to take care of your self and look your best every day. May every seconds of the tick-tock whisper you are special and you deserve your time.

11. For the Mom Who Loves Makeup

Makeup Kit
Makeup Kit

We know doing makeup is not everybody’s cup of tea. It is an art which very few know and could execute. So, if your mom has the art of looking good, send the makeup supplies of her favorite brand.

12. For the Travel Lover

Travel Gifts  for Mother's day
Travel Gifts

If she is a wanderlust and loves to jot down every travel experience, hotel and people she meets. We guess it’s time for you to surprise her with a full trip plan to a place she always wanted to explore or missed going with her girl gang or her favorite man in the world – her husband. You can also add some travel accessories depending on the requirement or something which is old now.

13. Decor Items for Her Little Kingdom

Decor Items for Her Little Kingdom
Decor Items for Her Little Kingdom

If your mom loves to decorate every corner of the house and if the decor items are the eye candy for her in every store, then the answer to what to gift mom this Mother’s Day is home decor items.

Do not fall into the trap of gifting anything. Get inspired by the above ideas and look for something perfect which will be the best gift to send this Mother’s Day to India. Alter the suggestions according to her personality and personal preference.

Wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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