10 Things Singles Will Thank For This Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is one of the worst days of the year after New Year and every person who is single at this time will agree with this. The inherent pressure to find a partner kind of intensifies at this time and the worst part is, even your parents start looking concerned if they think you have no plans on V-day.

But don’t you worry. In fact, we have listed out just the best feelings a single person has when they see all the Valentine’s day action and how you should thank your stars that another V-day has gone without you worrying about another person’s opinion.


  1. This holiday is just such a commercial thing

Why does everyone buy so many things for their lovers? Oh, commercialisation is just so sad.  Thank god, you don’t have to do that for anyone. *Slowly puts in a packet of cheeseballs in shopping cart*


  1. How can things get so expensive on Valentine’s day.?

Buy dinner, go to movies, all of this would have taken so much more money and handwork out of you if you weren’t single.

  1. No wax/shave, because single!

This is the best advantage. The time that you can otherwise spend lounging on the sofa or playing videogames will not be taken away by the pain of shaving or waxing.


  1. It’s OK. You will find a love.

Yes, you don’t have to spend time with the wrong person and that is the best thing.


  1. Really? You think this couple will last till next Valentines?

I mean look at them. The guy is checking other women out and the woman is too busy on her phone. You are better off alone than being a part of that! Go buy yourself a pizza for 2 and enjoy it.


  1. Your ex is just as miserable as you.

Believe us when we say, that wretched ex of yours will never find a better person than you and even if s/he does you know s/he will be dumped like a hot potato on an April Day. So let’s celebrate to that.

  1. You get to shop the next day.

Believe us, a lot of chocolates and alcohol are up for sale the next day after the Valentine’s day fever subsides. Take advantage. You have a lot of your salary left so use it for some internal good. (Wink!)


  1. Don’t eat your heart out just because someone asked you about your V-Day plans.

We know, we know. It’s irritating, annoying and downright punch-you-in-the-face pissing off, but this just shows you that there are people who care. So let’s drink to that. In fact, if you think one of them is single grab on to them. You might just have a date. Of course, chose a day to go out after Valentine’s.


  1. Should you visit the cat store or is it too early?

It is definitely too early. Love can be just around the corner so stop losing faith and start working out. You might wanna have quick feet when you spot the right guy/girl.


10.You have Tajonline.com for everything else

No matter what you want for this valentine (except a live valentine, of course) we have it for you right here. Choose from our range and delight yourself this Valentine with gifts, chocolates, wine, whatever catches your fancy. And the best part is you don’t have to share it with anyone else. Cheers!

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