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Marketing Policy

1. Who does Tajonline.com™ send email offers to?
Tajonline.com™ sends email offers to individuals who would require their services for calling cards and sending gifts to India.
2. How does Tajonline.com™ get email addresses for it's email offers?
Tajonline.com™, as a web marketer, procures opt-in email lists from partner sites. Users have an option to opt for receiving newsletter and offer mail while registering on TajOnline.com
3. How often does Tajonline.com™ send emails to people on the email lists?
Tajonline generally sends emails announcing special gifts for festive seasons, promotional discounts and new arrivals once a month. However, the recipient always has the option of removing their email address from our list. Information on how to do this is always contained at the bottom of every email offer. If the recipient chooses this option, they will not get further email offers from Tajonline.com™.
4. Can Tajonline.com™ affiliates send email offers on behalf of Tajonline.com?
Tajonline.com™ affiliates can send emails on behalf of Tajonline.com™ only to people who have opted-in to receive such email offers. If an affiliate is found to be sending unsolicited email, their affiliation is revoked immediately.
5. How do I Opt out from receiving promotional communication.
If you want Opt out from TajOnline's newsletter list, you can simply click on the unsubscribe link present on TajOnline newsletter, alternatively you can log in to your account and click on change profile. You will get option to opt out from newsletter, postal and telemarketing.
6. What can I do if I find unsolicited mail from a Tajonline.com™ affiliate?
We encourage you to contact immediately to our Customer Support. Please give us as much details as you can