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Gift Ideas for Capricorn

Birthday Gift Ideas for Capricorn

Capricorn is the tenth sign in the astrology. People born under this sign are born between 22nd December to January 19th. They are very practical in life and loves simplicity. They are also prefer luxurious things from time to time. When it comes to accepting a gift for their birthday, for them a gift given sincerely is worth gold. Just make sure you wrap the gift properly as they check every crease of the wrapper.

Capricorn loves comfort, keeping this thing in mind, you can gift them a wool muffler which is warm and soft or any comforting item they have had on their list for quite a while.

As mentioned earlier, people born under this sign are practical in nature so keep in mind to give something useful which they can or will utilize in future and not something they will have to dust away or pass on to someone else. If they love reading books then how about gifting a crossword bookstore gift voucher as this will give them a liberty to select their favorite author or genre of book they were planning to read. Also, this matches with their personality of not accepting things which are of no use to them.

Another important trait of this sign is that they love to spend time with someone they love or admire. Referring to this we suggest gifting them with restaurant or dining vouchers of their favorite dining space or if they love fast food then Dominos voucher is the best option.

If you love them a lot and do not mind spending little more then you can visit our jewelry section and select something from gold, silver or diamond. Pick a cute design which can be worn for any occasion or regular as well.

Don't think of surprising them at all. Even if you think it's a good one. Trust us, don't bother as they hate surprises.

We hope these suggestions helped you to pick a gift for Capricorn but keep in mind to tailor these suggestions according to their personality.