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Self Stir Mug

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  • Self Stir Mug
  • How do you like your coffee? Cream with one sugar? Nice.Just cream? Cool. Black? Rock on
  • Everybody except the black coffee drinker listen up - what do you use to stir your coffee? A spoon? Swizzles? Tongue depressors? Bah
  • All of those so-called stirring solutions are fraught with failure
  • Spoons measure your sugar fine enough, but what a waste to have to wash (or toss) another utensil!
  • Tongue depressors end up making your coffee taste like wood, and those stupid swizzles can't stir anything, are you kidding? What you need is a stirring solution for your hot and tasty beverage that doesn't add to landfill, or impart odd flavors to your drink while actually moving stuff around
  • If we sound like that late great TV pitchman, we're in great company
  • We're genuinely enthusiastic about the Self-Stirring Mug! Stainless steel finish with a snap-lock lid keeps your drink hot
  • Don't forget - inside this mug is a spinning plastic disk that frappes your drink into a whirling blended maelstrom of deliciousness
  • Too much? Just pop two AAA batteries inside the base, fill the mug with your favorite hot beverage, add your sweetener or creamer - or, hey!
  • Maybe you just like a nice hot cup of cocoa!
  • Any way, press the button on the handle and whirr your drink into a perfect blend
  • No more sandy sugar in the last dregs of your drink, and no more spoons!
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