Beauty & Spa Hampers-Omved On-The-Go Women's Kit

Omved On-The-Go Women's Kit

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Product Description

  • On the go women's kit.
  • Description:
    • The Omved on-the-go women's kit is a complete and comprehensive set of hypoallergenic, harsh-chemical-free travel products, with Ayurvedaís most effective botanicals, in 100% pure and natural formulations.
    • On a journey, itís all about deep cleansing and smart hydration.
    • Our travel must-haves will set to work to boost your body and skin at every stage of your trip.
    • Eight scaled-down journey therapies for your skin, body and hair:
      • Deep cleanse while maintaining ph balance.
      • Tone to reduce pore size and refine complexion.
      • Moisturize for optimum hydration.
      • Soothe eyes and ease fine lines and puffiness.
      • Moisturizing balm for preventing chapping of lips.
      • Bathing bars to cleanse and refresh.
      • Natural shampoo to cleanse without harsh chemicals.
      • Deep conditioning for moisture and vitality.
  • Kit contains:
    • Moisturizing facial cleanser. Volume: 50 ml.
    • Balancing toner. Volume: 50 ml.
    • Daily body moisturizer.
    • Volume: 50 ml.
    • Eye contour gel: Weight: 8 grams.
    • Mint lip balm. Weight: 8 grams.
    • Shuddhi bath bar. Weight: 2 x 25 grams.
    • Brahmi & Peppermint shampoo. Volume: 50 ml.
    • Brahmi & Peppermint conditioner. Volume: 50 ml.
  • Instructions:
    • Cleanse: A thorough cleansing is the first step to healthy skin. Moisturizing facial cleanser is an ultra-gentle formulation that stimulates, circulates, and invigorates skin to remove excess oils, dirt and makeup. Apply a little on damp skin, in small upward circular motions, from neck up. Rinse thoroughly and follow with 5-10cool water splashes. Pat dry.
    • Tone: Daily use of a toner deep cleanses and tones the skin. Balancing Toner clarifies your complexion, closes pores, removes any lingering traces of dirt and restores the skin to its natural ph balance. Close eyes. Mist face and neck liberally on cleansed, dry face and neck.
    • Moisturize: To moisturize is a fabulous daily boost for tired, dehydrated skin. Daily Body Moisturizer fulfills your skinís needs with essential fatty acid-rich plant oils as it replenishes lost moisture. While still damp from toner, dot your face and neck with this moisturizer and gently massage upwards till fully absorbed. Apply on body too after bath.
    • Soothe eyes: Daily exposure to pollutants and screen stress, make eye care paramount. Eye contour gel deep-nourishes and soothes the delicate skin around the eyes. Gently dab a small amount around the areas surrounding your eyes. Lightly spread in a circular motion.
    • Lip care: The mint lip balm uses Macadamia oil which replaces naturally occurring skin on the lips, allowing the skin to remain younger looking. The natural base of Kokum butter is nourishing and hydrating while protecting from the sun. Pure therapeutic grade Mint oil keeps mouth fresh and healthy. Use as often as needed to hydrate and protect.
    • Bath: Bathe with Shuddhi bathbar, a unique formulation of herbs like tulsi and neem, with a soap-free base that includes a number of vegetable oils, including such as coconut oil, ensuring that it not only cleanses but moisturizes as well. Unlike most commercial soaps, our Ayurvedic bars lather effectively, yet rinse off completely without leaving behind any soap film. The result is skin that feels clean and soft, with no dryness or tightness.
    • Shampoo: Effective hair and scalp cleaning is one that which thoroughly cleanses without stripping and chemical buildup. Brahmi & pepper mint shampoo deep cleanses and nourishes, for natural body, bounce and shine. Apply shampoo slowly and gently to give botanicals better access to your hair. Leave for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Condition: Conditioning replenishes scalp moisture and restores vitality and shine. Brahmi & Peppermint conditioner is a lightweight, daily conditioner that combines Pro-vitamin B5 with hair-nourishing herbs to leave hair silky soft and adds volume, lustre and manageability. Apply to scalp and hair. Leave in for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Caution: For external use only. Be gentle. Overzealous scrubbing can harm rather than help.
  • Test for sensitivities: Inside of elbow or wrist.
  • Brand: Omved.
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